Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



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  • "Surely HR/zones should be consistent across exercises? If I'm exercising close to my maximum heart rate, surely this generates the same suffer score points whether it's running or cycling?"

    Most people have a different maximun HR when cycling compared to running.

    My HRmax for cycling is 189, and for running it's 205. If I enter 205 in Strava, can you see how that affects my Suffer Score for cycling? It totally skewes the effort.

    Every serious sports app has the possibility to enter sport-specific HRmax (and of course zones), for this very reason. Not being able to do this makes Suffer Score and F&F useless if you do more than one sport.

  • See for example section 4.

  • @Steven. Your max hr is different for cycling, swimming and running. Which is the point I think Calle is making.
    Though in fairness the graph is only a guide ad it only takes into account recorded activities. How does it know you always take the stairs to your 7th floor office or that you have a lemon if a car that needs regular pushing? (Out of curiosity I stuck my hr strap on when walking the dog over some hills and Garmin gave me a higher training effort than my treadmill interval sessions.)

  • I can see how this would skew it, I was just curious as why max HR is different between sports. by it's nature, I thought max HR would be a physical attribute, not dependent on activity. I'm just interested - I'm pretty much running only, so HR issues aren't my issue with the F+F graph, (it's power meter data skewing even though you can select not to use it.) - didn't understand why something like that would be different across sports...

  • @Karl, of course. And using optical HR isn't very accurate either.
    But that's still not an excuse for introducing yet another spiffy feature that depends on HRmax without fixing this obvious shortcoming first.

  • @Steven, take a look at section 4. 

  • Is the point of strava not primarily to be a social network encouraging exercise in whatever fashion. I'm delighted to see F+F incorporate multi sport suffer scores, so now my occasional run when I can't ride is recognised and stops my fitness number plummeting. As everyone else I would be be very happy to see sport specific zones, and a way to have periodic updates in power / hr zones not affect all historical data. It is worth remembering though that the F+F chart and other analysis features are included in the fairly modest fee of premium membership. If more accurate data is required there are specific programmes designed to provide this data, at a greater cost ie training peaks, and the social aspects of strava can be had for free. We can't necessarily have all the top end features for bottom end price. Strava is $7.99 pcm, training peaks $19.95 pcm, presumably for a reason.

  • @Peter, don't forget Sport Tracks and Garmin Connect, which also has this. Probably others too.

    There is no point in having HR Zones at all if they aren't sport specific, or you just do one sport.

  • @Calle, thanks for the link. That's really interesting, and makes perfect sense, can see it would vary depending on muscles usage, so good to know.

  • Suddenly my fitness and freshness graph is at zeroes across the board...Why would that happen? Was working perfectly fine until last week - I'm a premium member...

  • I've got the same issue with zeros across the entire time horizon.

  • Any progress on this? How about allowing all activities that include heart rate affect fitness/freshness graph. I'm about to take a break from cycling and will pick up the nordic skis for the winter. Would be great if those skis would count to the graph, otherwise it's useless...

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