Turn off the Segment Markers in the Map view (Mobile)

Ability on app to Turn off the segment markers in the map view on the iPhone app. 



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    I'm glad we were able to improve the segment viewing experience for all of you! Enjoy, and leave us any additional feedback as necessary. 

  • Please, please, please add this feature!  The maps are dang near useless with all that CRAP cluttering them up.

  • I couldn't agree more.  The maps are impossible to read with the segment markers.

  • Absolutely! My routes are lousy with markers and it makes the maps completely unreadable.

  • I agree!


    I have just asked Strava about this via support and was redirected here, it would be cool if you could just toggle on/off segment markers, just a small switch in the corner of the iPhone/Android App. Would be great if the app would remember your choice of on/off toggle. so you wouldn't have to turn it off all the time, if you always wanted it off. Personally I don't see the point of the segment markers at all in the map view on the iPhone…this is one ride that I wanted to see which roads were taken, but it's impossible to navigate…who would know that Central London is underneath all that...

  • +1 Please add the ability to toggle segment marker pins on map view, so I can see the actual route.....

  • Thanks for all the feedback! We'll see what we can do. 

  • yea puuuhlease do this. looking at prior rides is one of my favorite ways to use strava and the segment markers yuck it up a lot

  • I am looking at other performance apps because I cannot turn segment markers off. I do not use them, and am not interested in segments, although I do recognize that others ARE. The perfect solution would be to have an option to have them ON or OFF on ALL platforms. Sometimes I want to show a friend where I've ridden to on an iPad and even there, you just cannot see the map over a 50km ride because there are too many segment markers. MapMyRide seems to be better at this, so far.

  • Agreed

  • Another vote for this. After a 60 or 70 mile ride, there are so many segment markers on my map I can barely make out my route on it.

  • Elle Anderson.
    Can we please have some feedback on this functionality.
    It doesn't seem like it should present a major software coding issue.A small amount of effort for a big reward for all of your users.
    I have also started looking for another application because Strava handles the ride map so poorly.
  • I've given up on the mobile Strava app, without the ability to turn these off it's completely usless. There's no point in it taking up space on my phone assuming that there's no feedback on this feature request forthcoming.

  • +1 the segment markers make it impossible to see your route
  • +2

  • Please do this! It is highly frustrating not being able to see the route!!! Defeats the purpose of a map!!!

    Why does Strava not respond with sufficient answers about if this dev will happen or not!!???!?!?!?!?!?
  • I have long stopped using Strava for this reason. MapMyRide is very good and I have been using it for several months. Strava is definitely not such a good product, for my needs, and I think has also become less "cool".

  • +1 for this please. Would make a massive difference, current map view very difficult to use
  • Dude. C'mon - add the market removal function already?
  • Marker... I don't want to mark-it.
  • I am not about to switch from Strava which has got so many good features. However this one does bug me! Why when I want to show someone the route I have ridden to I end up switching across to Garmin connect? Come on Strava - sort this one out.
  • Strava please!!!!!!! This comment thread is useless without any feedback or better yet some actual action!!!!!!
  • Update Strava? Especially for us premium members It is expected to have some type of update after a year

  • +3   I can't believe this still isn't fixed

  • Last August I posted under this topic and after an encouraging post by Elle Anderson (at Strava) on 20 August 2014: "Thanks for all the feedback! We'll see what we can do."  I was feeling hopeful that this ridiculous map view would improve…That was 10 months ago soon, what is taking so long!? Sort it out please...

  • +1 for a response.
    I also commented 6+ months ago. Nothing, zip, Nada from Strava so far.
    Haven't used the program all that much lately either because I'm sick of this issue going unresolved.
  • Clear to me that Strava dont give a F*&k about their a Premium member im really f&*king pissed off.....

  • Brilliant work Strava - your automated system fires round messages to those of us who have previously commented letting us all see that nothing is happening. Meanwhile you 'real people' are either ignoring the request for a software change or have decided not to bother with it. I'd love to know which of those two it is.

    (It is usually better not to invite suggestions from users than to give the impression that you care what they think and then ignore their feedback.)
  • Your feedback around segment markers is much appreciated because we'd also like to see this feature on the Strava app evolve. This project could fit into some initiatives we have coming up around maps, and we hope to be able to prioritize this work in the near future. We'll share information here as soon as it's available. Thanks!

  • Why is it necessary to incorporate this fix into an "evolution" of the mobile mapping feature?  You should have development resources committed to improving and fixing the BASE FUNCTIONALITY of your mobile and web interfaces, instead of waiting years to bundle fixes with larger updates.  I'm seeing exactly the same thing with your web UI, your competitors graphing and analysis interfaces are quickly becoming much better than those offered by Strava.  You need TWO development tracks:  one large cycle track for big new features, and a small rapid cycle track for constant incremental improvements.

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