Create a planner to invite people who live in your area to join your ride/activity

Set a date, time, ride duration, effort level and your area (radius) and if anyone elses plans match yours then both riders are automatically linked and send a message to both users to meet up and ride together.



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  • This would be great if you were visiting to a new area and knew no one, but looking for people to ride with.

    For Example:  I will be in the North Lake Tahoe Area from <<Date>> to <<Date>> looking for other who want to XC Mountain Bike.

    Then create a classification structure (Based on people's Strava Data) to make sure you find people at the same level.

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  • I am traveling a lot for my job with my car and visit other regions sometimes more then 5 days a week.

    I always take my bike with me and would love to find other riders to join for evening rides

    a function like this would enable the forming of spointaneous groups easily.


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  • Due to the many duplicate requests in the system, please see Group activity planner: Invite friends on a ride or run to vote and add your comments. Thanks!

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