Option to disable Club activity Notifications

Dashboard notifications whenever people post in a club are starting to drive me nuts.  More often than not the person starting a new discussion posts it three or four times and I'm constantly getting comments/kudos etc lost amongst a load of club notifications that I have no interest in seeing.  We can turn email notifications off easily enough so can we have the option for dashboard notifications so that we have the option as to what we do and don't want to receive?



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  • I have a related request. I belong to a club with many chatty members. I can turn off notification of new discussion threads, but why not have a daily digest option too? That way, I can skim an email summary of what has been posted in the past day and go to the page if I want to join a conversation. I don't like getting a million emails during the day, but an overview would be helpful. Thanks for your consideration.

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  • I can't believe this still isn't an option. OR I can't believe that I haven't figured out how to do it if it is an option. :)

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