Retire Gear at a date in the past

Some weeks ago I replaced some parts on my bike but I forgot to retire the old parts and add the new ones on "My Gear".
It is currently not possible to retire gear on any other day than "today".
It's no problem adding new gear back in time but what use is that if I can't retire the old gear back in time as well?




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  • Bugging me too.

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  • Thanks Andreas and Joan! 

    Can you also add your comments and your vote by clicking the "Me Too" button on the below link?

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  • So I just found this feature and it's a bit silly that I can't enter my full service history...

    I think the following trivial changes would make this feature *way* more accessible:

    • Add a retired date field in the component's info page (which if left blank means it's active) so I can set it to any date in the past (just like the start date)
    • Allow editing of the component after retirement (not sure why, but you can't click on the item's type to view/edit the details after retirement)

    This simple change would let me

    • enter a full service history for my bike, even if I haven't used the feature thoroughly before (e.g. to see how many kms my cables/chains usually last)
    • record a reason for retirement (just in the notes field is fine) so I can remember what caused the premature demise of a component
    • actually view the notes field (currently they're impossible to re-read once you retire the component)
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  • Today I found that you can have the retired date in the past if you do it in the right order:

    1. Enter first component from start date.
    2. Retire it. It should show as retired today.
    3. Enter next component from its start date in the past.

    Poof, the first component's retirement date matches the second component's start date.

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  • Mark's comment seems accurate. Just worked for me.


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  • It works just once, you can't have multiple retired components of the same type. It removed the old ones and leave just the last retired one.

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