Visualization of R/L power data: pedal smoothness, torque efficiency and balance

I think it would be neat to design a visualization that depicts the new data captured by power meters. The way I would do it is in a round pedal stroke image.  Then I would have the % of pedal smoothness depicted in the 10-2 position, the % for torque efficiency depicted 3-9 and and a bar underneath that showed the balance.  I believe you brilliant people could also design an algorithm that could compensate for one sided power meters by subtracting the data from the one side. 

Will Cotty

Visualization expert :-)



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  • I'd love to see this too, but I think you/we need to talk to Garmin or some of the other Pwr Mtr mfr about this. As I understand, the PM is only sending two % values (Left & right) for each of the two metrics, once every second. The best Strava can do with this, is make a line graph and maybe a scatter plot with relation to power or cadence. I've seen this done on another website.

    Not sure if strava is gonna yell at me, but I could upload a picture of it, if you like??

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