Support Strava segments on the Garmin Edge 1000

to see live position while competing a segment.

Please support this great feature of the Edge1000!



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  • Thanks for the feedback Heinz! 

    This decision is unfortunately not up to us, as it will be Garmin's decision to open up their Garmin Edge 1000 technology to other programs like Strava. Please send this feedback to Garmin as well! 

  • Sorry but can't agree!

    Have a look in an edge1000 for the data format of segments.

    A friend of mine is already able to download Strava segments and also the leaderboard of the segment for the 1000.

    The only thing he has to solve is the data Format of Garmin-segments .

    You see, it's not a Problem of Garmin. You have only to built an Interface for converting segments into an Edge compatible format.

    Be sure, the live segment function of the edge1000 is great for Strava-fans. Support it!

    A lot of us are not interessted in Garmin Connect, but if you don't support the live segments we have to leave Strava!



  • This would indeed be a fantastic addition!

  • Hi. I would love this as well. 

  • This would be such an amazing feature. To just be able to download the strava segments of my choice to my Garmin Edge 1000!

  • At this time, there is a handy tool for exporting Strava Segment GPS data for download to your Garmin (any Edge series). It's not going to work seamlessly like the Garmin 1000 feature, but I thought I'd mention it here in case some of you are interested:

  • Thanks Elle but this seems to only do full rides and not segments, unless I'm using it incorrectly which is entirely possible.


  • Thanks Joshua,

    You're getting full rides downloaded when trying to use this tool?

  • The work, that must be done, is the transformation of the segment CRS-file format in Raceshape to FIT-file format of the Edge 1000! Its a pitty, I am not a softwareengineer!

  • I totally agree it would be quite easy to generate a fit-file containing all the necessary information. Maybe I'll find some time next week to take a look at the segment file-file structure.

    But I think it won't be too hard to implement a segment export directly on strava.

    Currently I assume the fit-file has the following information:

    - Metadata for the Leaderboards

    - A track containing the actual segment

    - Multiple tracks representing the pace of other racers OR just some pace information without an actual track

  • I've spend a few hours on this. You can find my Edge 1000 Segment Generator here:

    Currently it is not very easy to use or intuitive but I'm still working on it. The next job is to give it a nice interactive user interface. Feel free to use but don't expect too much, this is an alpha version and will have bugs and especially poor error handling :)

    Have fun

  • Thanks a lot for your tool Benjamin, it is starting to look really good now. I don't know why Strava themselves did not implement this, as it is clearly doable as you have shown. But either way, your tool does the job so thanks a lot for that. :)

  • Thanks Benjamin! 

    I agree that it's worth considering a feature for this - to put a segment FIT -file exporter on each Strava Segment page. 

  • Hi Elle,

    sorry for slight offtopic, but since you are from Strava Support you may help me or provide a link:
    Am I allowed to use  a Strava Logo in some kind of teaser image? I would like to put an image showing an Edge 1000 and the Strava logo on my page. Is this allowed? Do you have any guidelines for 3rd party apps using Strava-API?

    Regarding Segments on the Edge 1000: I am still working on it, but basic FIT-File generation is now pretty easy and highly customizeable. If you want I can provide you some informaiton on the inner Structure of the Segment FIT-File. I've made a list of all FIT-Messages I found here:

    Happy Trails :)


  • Would this help Benjamin?

  • New update coming will add strava support. Saw it with the announced 820.... coming to other edge devices though

  • Hi, I just installed the new update on my Edge 1000 that would support Strava segments.

    How do I know that the strava segments are dowloaded? Where can I find them?

    Kind regards, David.

  • David.. Once you have linked garmin connect to your strava segments. Any segments that you 'star' in strava will upload to your garmin. Im having an intermitant issue though that the garmin doesn't always alert me that a segment is coming up.



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