Separate between Comments and Kudos in Email Preference settings

Kudos are great.  I like getting them.  

Comments are better.


I want to know that I got a comment so i can respond and engage.

Kudos I don't care to get a notification or email about.


Please split these to separate selections in the user profile!





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  • i agree. i don't want to open up the notifications for kudos. its like, "yippee you clicked a little button"  i wan to turn kudos off. i care to read and respond to comments. its the same as in FB.. pleole just click "like, like,like, like" as they scroll down their news feed, causing all these useless/meaningless notifications. 

    we're burned out on "like" and same goes for kudos. 

    i have enough little notification icons in my daily life. i'm weeding out the unimportant stuff because its getting too cluttered around here. 

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  • I noticed a couple of days ago that they had split KUDOS and COMMENTS in the iOS app, and now I see its split in the web interface as well.  So, I still get email for comments, but don't for Kudos.  The setting is on this page



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