Add Weekly goals for Swims

It would be great if we could set planned/goal swimming time/distance like we can for cycling and running.



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    We've recently added the ability to set goals for weekly swim distance and time. Additionally, under the "My Stats" section you will now see metrics for your swims. Enjoy!

  • Yeah!

    I like the progress bars on the dashboard and its good when I get the "completed his weekly goal" for running/biking. Getting this for swim (pref distance) would be a boost!

    A nice extra would be a special message when you've completed all three goals.


    Also a weekly goal for crosstraining / S&C would be sweet.  

  • Please yes! Also show these workouts on your profile calendar. When working out 5-7 times a week & half your activities aren't counted because they aren't a bike or run is disappointing!

  • I would like to see swim targets and goals and challenges (Based on Distance)

    while is hard to set specific segments on swim (Obviously) perhaps just having challenges to swim X_amount of miles in open water vs swims in Pool.

    Could also possibly look at swim challenges in specific swim styles etc ... 


  • Agree that these weekly goals are a great motivator

  • Agreed!  Why is there not a goal for swimming?

  • Swim goals would be great. As I get closer to a race I really rely on my run and bike goals to make sure I'm putting in the effort. I keep track of my swim goal but it would be nice to see it next to the run and bike!

  • This would be great!
  • I don't have the option anymore to add a swim target (or I don't see or can't find it anymore). Has this feature been removed again ?

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