Display your notable Segment Achievements in Trophy Case

I live in an area that is heavily cycled by a huge group of competitive cyclists, which makes it very hard to get KOM's anywhere. When I do, usually someone comes in behind me and takes it. Combine that with the fact that people sometimes come through on TT bikes and shatter the KOM to the point where literally no one can come close to the lead time on a road bike.


I have one particular segment that is ridden constantly (712 attempts) by very strong, cat 1/2/3 riders... someone on a TT bike got 4:18, the second best time is 4:31 and the top 10 ends at 4:55. Having done that segment myself and knowing the effort it takes of other riders, just getting into the top 10 is the mental equivalent of a KOM. It'd be awesome for those types of segments to be viewable on someone's profile page. Strava already gives you a different kind of trophy for a top 10, why not list all top 10 times on the profile page?


I have a low number of KOM's but a stacked list of segments that I finish in the top 5 or 10 on. It would be great to allow other users to see a list of segments, similar to the KOM list, where a person has finished in the top 5 or 10.


That would beef up the profile page and sort of reward people who do really well but just don't get to the absolute top of the board.



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