Add Cross Training options into the Training Calendar


As it stands in the training calendar it adds up running, cycling etc. But things put down as a work out are not added up! Cross training and S&C training are a huge part of staying fit so I think they should be added in your total. 






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  • Totally agree! I love the clear looks of the training log and as a triathlete I am very happy you added swimming. But S&C or Cross is an essential for my training and the lack of this being added properly are irritating. Please add one more coloured circle representing S&C and add it to the weekly total.

    This change would finally make me ditch excel logs.........

    I think most triathletes would love this as of course anyone else putting regular sweating time in their base. 




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  • I agree. This particularly wreaks havoc with my training log if I'm doing something like elliptical while I rehab a running injury.

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  • Exactly. I'm following a new plan and over 2 hours a week is S&C and Pilates. And I'm having to figure out my training totals per week manually.

    So I know how much/little to do on high intensity and low instensity weeks.


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  • Suggestions summarized:


    1) add colored circle of crosstraining/strength training time to training log

    2) add crosstraining/strength training time to weekly total

    3) add crosstraining/strength training time to weekly training goal on dashboard

    4) also related - add swimming time/length to weekly training goal

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  • Thanks for all the great feedback on showing other activity types in the Training log for cross-training. Please also check out this main feedback forum for our Training Log and make sure your opinions are voiced there as well.


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