Compare Segments with friends on the same ride

Strava already will note when I ride with others in a group. I would like a way to check segments on that ride against each other. It would be easy to display each segment with times for each individual on the ride together.  As it is now, it appears that I can do this manually by looking at one person's ride and then the other; or I can pull up best segment times (overall from following athletes) but nowhere to easily compare on a particular day. 




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  • I agree, it is painful to see how each person did on that ride.  Yes you can filter to "I'm following" but that shows the overall fastest times and not the current ride times.

    I would like to see a table format. and i would be willing to pay for it. oh wait I already do.

                            Rider 1,    Rider 2,   Rider 3, etc

    segment 1,      2:32,          2:40,     3:01.      etc

    segment 2,       xx.x             x:xx,       x:xxx,   etc

    segment x 




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