Display Current (instantaneous) Speed on the mobile app Record screen

I would like to use Strava on my iPhone as my bike computer and replace my current wireless bike computer.  About the only feature that is missing from Strava to have the same functionality as my computer is a speedometer that shows my current speed.  Other GPS apps, such as Runtastic, do this so it shouldn't be a big deal for Strava to implement.  Thanks.



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    For Premium members, we offer live stats for heart rate, cadence and power during recording. Once you have connected the sensors in the app's record settings, the live values will appear on the Strava record screen. 

    Documentation can be found for iPhone and Android

  • Yes!!!! My wife uses her iPhone as a computer on her bike but never knows her current speed... only avg speed.  Please incorporate a real-time speedo!  App is awesome already... this would make it awesome-er!

  • Would love this.
  • +1 for current speed. Then it can be displayed on the Pebble as well. Average speed is of little interest during a session.

  • +100 for this standard feature in every other app. I would like to so the current speed and the ofcourse the avg speed when riding. 


  • +1 for current speed. Why are there these constraints in the first place? The app already knows all the details, and it's the same graphical controls to display the fields...

  • +1 me too!
  • very much needed!!

    I have not seen a reply from stava. Can they make this happen?????/

  • Investigating more forums on this topic I found Stava did address this issue and they are working on it.

    Thank you stava you change the way I ride for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very surprised this is not a standard feature yet. I have to use Wahoo Fitness app and upload rides to Strava. This would definitely put me over the top to pay for the premium. Thanks for a great app and ecosystem! I look forward to just using the Strava app 100%.
  • +1 for speedometer. If I could use pebble on my handlebar (I can't mount my iphone on handlebar, it is too large and fragile for off road mountain bike use), then there is a reason for me to go premium, as real time segments and other features start to be useful on trail.


  • +1 Can't believe this is not implemented yet.

    I also suggested adding Current Percent Grade to the Record Screen.

  • Emailed them and they said they are considering it and was sent here. Surely it's the only thing missing from the app?
  • Please, pretty please!!!! I have to use MapMyRide then use a conversion tool to get it into Strava format, all because MapMyRide has current speed, and Strava does not. I want to use Strava and only Strava!!!! Know a lot of friends that would love this feature. Is there a reason this wouldn't work?

  • I honestly don't know why this isn't considered a basic feature requirement.  The only reason it took me a while to ask is that I almost always ride with my Garmin, but I'm thinking pretty seriously about not buying another Garmin and just using the phone.  I won't do that until I can see more things on the screen (or screens) while recording.

  • I thought it was some novice error that I'd committed and had to come to my pc to check.

    Why oh why don't you provide the current speed?

    As far as I can see it's on all other FREE apps

  • Thanks for all the feedback on current speed on the mobile record screen! 

    The cogs are turning for a redesign of the mobile app record screen before the end of the year. This feature will likely be included, and I'll be sure to share the support for this addition internally. However, no guarantees! 

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Thank you for letting us know!

    Not sure if there's a difference in the feature request, but I'd love to have the current speed displayed on my Pebble (which means it should be displayed on the main recording screen, as you said in your post on the topic).

    Will be patiently awaiting the redesign!

  • Right, I started writing that I don't know whether it makes a difference and I forget to mention I'm on Android...

  • Is there any answer about the current speed displaying?

    I think it is the most important feedback along with the cadence and heart rate, we are really in a big need. First I thought it is only for the premium account, but I was wrong.

    Hopefully is there anyone who is really do something about, is a huge missing feature!

    Thank you for reading,


  • ...I just so the support feedback...not really much guarantees for this year! What a pity! There is still 2 1/2 months to outdoor ride.


  • If the current speed will be displayed, than I would appreciate the indoor recording option to, for the very could snowy days.

    Thank you,


  • I hope they will add this in the near future. Current speed is really something i miss.

  • Until feature is not released I will stay on runkeeper
  • Totally agree. I cannot use strava as cycle computer without this feature. I need real time speed and height (or gained elevation) from GPS censer, and cadence from bluetooth connection with censer on my bike. I just switched to Runtastic due to lack of this.

  • Current Speed and Current Cadence would be awesome.  Please!!

  • RunTastic has two apps for bicycles that are very good. RunTastic Pro includes instantaneous speed, cadence, percent grade of the climb, and a lot more.

  • RunTastic has two apps for bicycles that are very good. RunTastic Pro includes instantaneous speed, cadence, percent grade of the climb, and a lot more.

  • RunTastic has two apps for bicycles that are very good. RunTastic Pro includes instantaneous speed, cadence, percent grade of the climb, and a lot more.

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