Customize Component tracking for Tires/Wheels when using a Stationary Trainer

I do a fair amount of my riding on a stationary trainer.  It's the typical type, whereby the rear wheel is connected to a roller while the front wheel is stationary on a block.  In the "My Gear" section, I've got entries for each of my tires, wheels, etc.  Obviously this type of activity will cause wear to the rear tire (perhaps even more than an outdoor ride), but the front tire will obviously not suffer any such wear.  If I do a ride on the trainer, Strava is still adding those miles to the cumulative mileage for my front tire, so it's not giving a true picture of how many miles that tire has actually seen.  

If added, this feature would need to allow the user to specify what type of trainer they are using:
-  Rollers = wear on both wheels/tires
-  Rear-wheel trainer = wear on rear wheel/tire only
-  Direct-drive trainer = no wear on either wheel/tire

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  • Yes, please! I'm running into the same issue with my trainer! In my case, the trainer is a Wahoo KICKR, so neither front nor back wheel + tire experiences wear.

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  • I had made this request as a support ticket, so now I'm putting my support behind you.

    Though a virtual ride may not replicate conditions precisely as outside, the wear and tear on gear is nonetheless real. It may be useful to change which pieces of gear have the miles logged against them, but overall mileage should increase with miles on a trainer, specifically drivetrain related components. An option to add a trainer tire as a piece of equipment would also allow tracking of miles on a trainer specific tire and rear cassette, and letting miles accumulate for other drivetrain components such as chain and chainrings.

    There may be multiple ways to implement this, and perhaps adding in a dropdown for trainer/virtual rides when selected to allow us to select which type of trainer we are on.  In the gear for a bike we could have a trainer only toggle, perhaps with a similar selection next to it to indicate which trainer type it is used on.  May not be necessary, but this is brainstorming here.

    Another way of thinking is have a toggle box for used on trainer rides also, good for bottom bracket/crank and chain, where the rear cassette, wheel, tire may be switched out, but if not switched out the toggle could be set saying it is used on trainer rides.  Even though we don't remove the front wheel when on a turbo trainer, by not toggling the trainer ride for the front wheel and tire it should then not accumulate miles.  For those of us who switch out rear wheels we may need a trainer section to add gear specific for training, such as a rear wheel, cassette, and tire.


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