During Garmin upload, display activity time next to each file

I use a Garmin Forerunner 410 and upload my rides in bulk every few days. I sometimes find it hard to distinguish rides/commutes I want (or do not want) to select for upload.

My current work around is just to upload them all and mark the ones I do not want to upload as "Private." After renaming all the rides, upload the activities, and delete each private one separately.



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  • Yes... or alternatively have the ability to delete straight away after upload in bulk before they are made "public"! Consider the scenario I go through every now and then (as I'm sure many do with bulk uploads); I have a few real short false starts / errors / few second recordings / files and rides I want to delete but recorded at the time.

    In uploading; they all appear - great. However the ones that ought to be deleted; can only be marked as "private". I then have to manually delete all of them as they proliferate the activity feed.

    Surely a simple 'delete' box would solve this.

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