Email/Text Location Updates sent to others during recording

Add text/email location notification to others while on ride - Make it part of Premium.  Nice feature to allow for others to keep track or know of your general location while away.



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  • I agree this would be awesome if you could set something that says for this activity that I'm recording on my phone send a text update every 10km's to the following phone numbers. Even if it just said something simple like "Andrew finished 10km @ 2:13pm"... "Andrew finished 20km @ 2:40pm". This would obviously have to be a premium feature. W

    hen I'm doing a race it would be nice to let my wife knows how far I've gone so she knows when to head to the finish line. 

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  • Thanks Todd! Be sure to add your feedback, comments and votes to this already existing post which is similar:

    I think a more developed "Live Tracking" feature could serve the same purpose as email or text notifications around your location. 

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