Activity Playback needs "Select All" athletes

I love the Strava Labs Activity Playback. Please consider adding a "Select All" checkbox to the tool. When I ride with one or two others, it's no big deal to select them to add to the display. But after completing a big group ride, it's a pain in the neck to scroll through several pages of riders selecting each one. A single "Select All/Unselect All" box at the top of the list would make life a lot easier.

Thanks for listening. Keep up the great work!!




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    I tried this out in and it is great!

    Please consider setting the icons to blink for certain events like:  sudden stop (for a crash/flat), sudden increase in speed/power (for an attack/bridge),  rider near heart rate max (for popping),  distance behind the group (getting dropped), and so on.  Perhaps some events for runners as well.

    If you enable this on your Android app and add support for Chromecast ... even better!!!  We could all sit around afterwards to watch the ride and laugh/cry/sulk/gloat about the ride.

    It has my vote and I'm spreading the word for more votes.




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  • Strava, may you also add a Follow option.  With this option you should be able to select a rider and have the playback centre on that rider as it plays.  Manually shifting the map would turn off Follow.  However, changing the zoom level would not turn off Follow.  This is useful to see what is going on in a particular group by zooming in close to it and still being able to zoom out to see the ride/race overall (how that group is doing in the ride/race) without all the pause - zoom in/out - play - repeat  that has to be done now.

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