Separate weekly Leaderboards by sport for Multisport Clubs

Hi there Strava!

Many of the members of my cycle club enjoy running too and it'd be great to get both activities on th same group (but different leaderboards for each). At the moment I believe one can only select either or cycling, running or triathlon. but this dulls the leaderboard as it merely lists duration and number of activities. It would be far more benificial to be able to customise which sports your group do and have seperate leaderboards for each!

If you are able to make any of these changes, it would be much obliged and very useful!


Tom Pierce



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  • 100 thousand % agree.  I'm finding the leaderboard very useless for a running & cycling club.  The triathlon leaderboard is not interesting at all to my runners and cyclists.

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  • Thanks for the feedback! We're interested in improving the Clubs feature on Strava, so your feedback here will be considered. 

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  • I personally thing that the following filter would be great, under a "Cycling/Running/Hiking" club... to show:

                                    Total Cycling Distance    |    Total Running Distance    |    Total Elevation Gain (all sports).

    This will cover...

    • Road Cyclists (Cycling Distance)
    • Mountain bikers (Elevation Gain)
    • Runners (Running Distance)
    • Hikers (Elevation Gain)
    • Triathlon Folks (Cycling Distance & Running Distance... just not swimming)


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  • Hi Guys,

    A bit late to the party, but it may interest you to take a look at a project I have been working on:

    You can set up your Strava Club, and then track daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even all time leaderboards, as well as other features, such as grouping athletes within a club into teams (great for workplaces with a club, but multiple internal teams).

    One of the best bits is simply that it doesn't matter how the club is set up on Strava, in terms of sports selections - on RunSyncSwim, you're not limited - and can set your club up to only cover 'Rowing' or any other single sport, or, you can mix and match, or even select every sport, and just see results for everything - from there, there are filter/sort features to break it down further.

    It's easy to set up a club, and the site will start tracking newer activities. If each club member authorizes the site/app - then it can get even more detail and start tracking historical activity much better too.

    The site provides single views for the leaderboard that show much more data than the default (limited) Strava Clubs features too.

    Let me know what you think!

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  • Warren,

    Your solution--based on your description--seems to be exactly what I am looking for.  However, upon trying it I get this notice:

    • None of your Strava Clubs currently have leaderboards

    My clubs certainly do have leaderboards.  Please advise. 


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  • Our club would like this feature as well as we've just switched (on Strava) from running to multi to reflect all our membership and the leaderboard is much less usable for sport specific folk.  Thanks,

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