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I'd like to propose that you add the ability to view club pages on the Strava iPhone and Android app. Working in I.T myself, I don't see this being a difficult thing to integrate into the already fantastic existing application.

I work part time as a cycle mechanic at a local bike store, we have recently created a club page on Strava so that our customers have a way of accessing information about other member's rides, routes and any details of group rides we release. It is also nice to see our own shop leaderboard, just to see who is getting the most out of their bikes.

If you could give this idea a serious thought, I'm sure a lot of members (including myself) would greatly appreciate this.

Thank-you very much.



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    We now offer the Strava Club experience on mobile. Please update your app to the current version to check it out. Read our documentation for all the details. 

  • Thanks Joe! I think this is in the works, I'm just not sure when. I agree, it would be great to be able to access the Club features on the mobile app. 

  • Elle, please make it so!

  • Just do it! :)

  • Any update? The majority of the people in my club don't visit the site and just use the mobile app. Having the club leaderboard visible would be a good addition.
  • Hi Strava Gods.

    Our little club is going to suffer without access from the mobile app. we are new to clubs and can feel the benefits already of being able to organise our social bunch rides and feel the rewards or challenges of club leaderboards.

    up until clubs it seemed like an endless effort trying to sms all the riders in our bunch and "paper rock scissors" the desired route on the day.

    However all of these benefits will soon surpass us as the majority of our bunch just simply wont access the website. but they all certainly do use the app, everyday and on ride days almost every hour!

    i know you already know all the above, but i do think its now or never. and for our club or people new to clubs, this will be the case for sure.


    Save Strava Clubs, Its Simply Too Cool to let go.

  • Sorely Needed !!!

  • Yes please. Our weekly ride was half an hour later than usual this week. Some riders turned up on time and were unable to check the Ride Event details on their phones which led to them freezing their bollocks off in the cold once they'd called one of us to find out what's going on. 

  • I support making notifications available on the mobile app.  We want to be able to notify our club members of group rides via our Strava club.  This benefits in 2 ways.  1.  Everyone on our team would have to have a strava account (that benefits you).  2.  Our city is using Strava heat maps and Strava Metro data to determine future upgrades to our bicycle infrastructure.  More riders on strava more information.  Win win for Strava.  DO IT!!  Please!!

  • Please do this - I dare say 95% of users access strava via the app. Our club would love to manage our rides and the strava club page is superb but useless unless people have access to it.

  • Elle: What's the status of this needed App improvement/addition? I recently created a group and my members are also using the App 95% of the time and prefer not to log in to a desktop to view routes, etc. Please move this to the top of the to-do list. Thanks

  • We conduct a 100 KM ride every Saturday. We started a club on Strava. This is useless. EVERY ONE of the 115 club members uses the app on the phone. We can't encourage rider discussions and competitive spirit if the club is not available on the app. We have two whatsapp groups so we can be mobile.

  • Any update?

    This would really be great.  As others have noted, we have to arrange our ride outside of strava.  the difficulty is that many of the people in the groups, we only know via strava so it's a bit complicated to keep the internal and external in sync.

  • Would be good to have an update on this.


    Whole of my club now communicating on WhatsApp rather than Strava due to the limitations of the app. Can't be hard to fix. 

  • This would be awesome - I just use the app

  • Please add this feature! :)


  • +1 on implementing Club functionality on the mobile app. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet. 90%+ of my friends use Strava mobile and not the website, so they never see or know what to do with the invites I send them to join my group page

  • Also include ability to create club events on the Strava App

  • +1. Should be a priority in order to avoid using third party means of communication
  • Is there any update on this development request? The mobile app is brilliant but this is really missing. Thanks.

  • My guess is that fewer people are using the browser version.

    App is always at your finger tips and it would be great to have Clubs boards on the app as well.

  • I agree totally with thease comments come on Strava it's a glaring ommission in the first place please fix ASAP.
  • We just started a club for a running/cycling group and it's really difficult to even get people into the club if they are only using a phone. Some of our older members are smartphone/iPad only people. Like most other people on this thread, we are using WhatApp as a work around. 

  • Dear Strava, 

    Joe started this suggestion 1,5 years ago. Would be great if Strava could give an update on the development status....if there is one....


  • Hi folks, this is on our list for 2016 - hope we can make it happen for all of you! 

  • Get it done :-)

  • Please make this happen ASAP!!! Like most we are communicating through other apps and means outside of strava because of this omission!!! This would add much more awsumnous to the already awsum app!!

  • I've decided to no longer have a premium membership until Strava adds clubs to the mobile app.  I'm sure if enough of us did the same they might move it up on the "to-do list" a little bit sooner.

  • Come on Strava get with the times! This is something it's been lacking for ages!

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