Add Pre-loaded training plans with schedules and audio cues to direct your training


I have been using both Runkeeper and Strava for the past couple of years.

Strava is, by far the better app in terms of stability.  That's why, I use it, just in case Runkeeper either crashes or some part of it fails to work.  So I would really love to migrate completely to Strava.

But Runkeeper has a feature that I just can't leave behind.  Pre-loaded training plans, with schedules and audio cues to direct your training runs.  This is so dang useful.  I don't have to keep looking at my watch when I am doing intervals, for example.  It gives you cues to run fast, steady, slow and when to start and when to stop.  

And it also has a feature to create a custom training plan with audio cues.  I can play around with the length of intervals (time or distance), the intensity, etc.  

From a technological stand point, I wouldn't think it'd be too hard to do, since you already have an audio cue feature.  

Please get this feature on your app.  I would switch over in a heart beat.



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