Ability to share private routes

I have some private routes, but I want to be able to share them with a few close friends. If I send them the link, they can't view the route (as expected). Would be nice if there was a shareable link/option I could send them (e.g. an unguessable long URL).



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  • plz fix this

  • I'll add my vote to this.

  • In great need of this feature too.

  • me too

  • More than 3 years on from this request and the frustration is still here. Strava, help?

  • I am ok with having private/public routes. I would just like it if i could make a public route without it being announced on my feed. Is that really necessary? Who cares who made what?

  • I will use RideWithGPS for route sharing in future. 

    On Strava, the choice of Public or Private with nothing in between simply doesn't offer granular enough control.  My friends would rather not have their home locations exposed for public view, for example.  

    Ability to share a private route with Strava contacts is what's needed.



  • I would love for my husband to be able to share his private routes with me before he heads out for his century rides. He is often heading out of cell phone range, and it would be nice to be able to retrace his route should I (heaven forbid!) have to go looking for him. 

  • Same here!

  • Just putting another vote in for this.  Strava really is best for sharing stuff in a small community of people who know each other in real life,  It's not like other social media in this respect.  I wish the company would take this to heart, as it's a special and unusual characteristic.  It's a shame that they seem to be trying to turn it into facebook.

  • It would also make sense if a private route could be selected for an event in a private Strava club.

  • Same here. As someone above says, "more than 3 years on from this request and the frustration is still here." Why, Strava? Why, why, why?  Please, make it right :)

  • I agree this would be a nice feature.


    I have a workaround. export a gpx file: in browser, open your activity and click the spanner.

    email the gpx file. your friends can import it and turn it into a route.

  • Agree absolutely with this. Why no response from Strava, far less any action? The ability to share a private route with selected other members is clearly wanted, clearly useful, provided by other similar sites, and should be relatively easy to implement. Why not do it? At least why not answer?

  • As everyone else has said... this would be a very handy feature. Added my vote

  • Another vote for this feature

  • How is this STILL not a thing?

    Thanks to everyone else above for the suggestions of other apps which DO allow this.

    FFS Strava - this isn't that hard. You've got users. They're in groups. How about just a "share with group" feature or something?

  • i wonder what it takes to have this feature request promoted

  • And the very same goes for activities. I have 3 friends I want to share routes and activities with via email or Skype, but who are not Strava members and are not willing to become one. Going all public is just not working for me. I like the idea of the unguessable long url. See google docs for example. It works like a charm. The very same would be nice here. Until then... sorry to say that but Strava is just not social for me at all. To be a bit more positive: if you implement this feature, it might help convince those people to use Strava. Seems to be a very easy way to get lots of new users.

  • This would be nice. A way to send a planned "KOM Hunt" route to my buddy but without my "rivals" knowing what we're up to.

    "Club routes" would also be nice.

  • Much later - - - still no reply from Strava. I have just ended my sub to Summit and pointed Strava to this thread, saying that I will re-subscribe if they try to do something about this issue. Agree with the recent comments, the 'share with group' and 'club routes' ideas would surely attract new users. Hoping someone at Strava HQ actually reads these Community Posts.

  • Four years later and still no response!? Thanks for listening Strava ...I’ve cancelled my subscription.

  • Agree -- this is an important feature that prevents Strava from being as useful as e.g. MapMyRun/Ride. That there's 4 years of posts and no response from company support really doesn't give much confidence in the product.

  • Please add this feature.  In fact, I wouldn't call it a feature - this should be a core function.

    What is the point of the current 'Share' function if the profile and routes have to be public anyway?  Currently all you are doing giving people a direct path to what they could have found for themselves with a search.

    Any response or feedback Strava?


  • Me too. It would seem Strava couldn't care less about this. I don't even see a response from them, now 5 years on from the OP.

  • Just stumbled on this thread by accident but have a solution that works for me - try going to your dashboard, then to 'my routes', open a route, click edit, you don't need to change anything, go to save it and the option to unclick the private option then becomes available - unclick it and save. The route is now public and has overwritten your previous private route, you can now share it with whoever you like - this seems to work?

  • That rather misses the point Brian W. The point was to be able to share a private route with followers or better, selected members only, not to open it up to everybody. The secondary point is that Strava's not listening, and makes you wonder what the point of having a user forum is if they take no interest in the feedback it provides? There clearly is a demand for this feature.

  • I have friends coming to town..I want share a route...WHY NOT???

  • Strava, has this been looked at?

  • Hey Strava, the new route builder beta on the app is awesome, and we need this feature more if we start creating routes more. Please implement this.

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