Activities done and uploaded from simulators should not appear on leaderboards

I would like to raise an issue and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

There are more and more indoor simulators that allows you to upload your activity directly onto Strava.
And although I think it is fair for that mileage to count towards monthly challenge, Fondo challenge or personal mileage, I think the results of those rides should not appear on any leaderboards.
Are you guys working on something that would allow us to tag the ride as "indoor simulation" ?
Same goes with adding an option when "flagging". You could add the "activity done on simulator" option.

Indoor simulations are not real rides, ok for mileage, not for leaderboards

Thanks !



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    We now have an activity type "Virtual Ride" with it's own segment leaderboards. An activity tagged as a virtual ride will not appear on cycling segments. 

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  • Totally agree.  Although I want to share my virtual rides with my 'followers' I do not think it is appropriate for these rides to be included in the segments/leaderboards.

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  • I second this. The turbo trainer is actually ridiculously hard work - it adds 20% spikes in hilly areas due to bad GPS data from Google, limits downhill speed, is slower on the flat. I have compared actual rides with the same ride on the turbo (the ones that have motorized resistance that matches the terrain) and am always faster on the real ride as long as it is not in a town and is in a rural area.

    I want the rides to show - it gets me cycling. I do NOT want any KOMs, but do want to compare segments between RL rides and turbo rides on the same route. And I do believe it should show as distance on the challenges.

    Get the Virtual Ride option in there quick please Strava.

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  • it is just stupid that a friend in Sheffield can ride a stage of Tour of Flanders and appear on the leaderboard !! surely any indoor ride can't be eligible for KoM

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  • KOM's or similar should NOT be allowed on simulators. Yes, they can be harder on the actual simulator than on the road due to the resistance and false inclines, and the fact that there is a lot less freewheeling (my TACX stops after 10 seconds of "downhill" freewheeling!). But...

    1) It doesn't cater for the road surface and I am sure not all roads are like those in Majorca (dead smooth will little rolling resistance)

    2) It's always sunny in my living room where I use the trainer (albeit probably too warm at times when I am used to 8 degree celcius UK weather)

    3) Fair play - I'm not there, enjoying the scenery (Google StreetView doesn't cut it), chatting to fellow cyclists, visiting local coffee shops etc.


    Allow me the distance, but no records. Come on Strava, it can't be that hard.

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  • A Stupid idea and should not be allowed. Should be kept outdoors. Under normal weather conditions.

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