Sync Strava with Google Fit

There does not seem ot be a way to share activities between strava ans google fit yet. When will it happen and/or how do I turn it on.



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  • An update to Strava should hopefully solve this issue. Fit is Strava compatible but the Strava app needs to add the Google+ interface to the app or the Dashboard.

  • Hi guys! We are looking into an integration but I do not have any specifics at this time.

  • It would be nice If Strava can pull the steps everyday from fit and put them in the Dashboard

  • After today's strava update, it now synchs data with Google fit. Go to settings -> link to other apps.
  • Hello - we have some updates from Android version 4.2.2 of the Strava App:

    Google Fit Integration

    Strava v.4.2.2 is able to integrate with Google Fit as long as you're running OS 4.0 and above.

    Strava will send activity time, distance ,and calories to Fit and will receive weight from Fit. These details will be sent to Google Fit only when the data is downloaded from the server. For type/distance/time, this happens just by scrolling through the feed. If you want to get historical Strava activity data into Google Fit, you would need to scroll back through your 'Me' feed in the app. If you want Google Fit to have the calories from a given activity, you’ll need to actually tap into the activity.

    More information and screen captures found here:

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