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It would be an idea to be able to pick a page number on a leaderboard which has a few thousand riders instead of scrolling page by page.

For example my run between roundabouts in Pollenca has 8000+ and I'd like to be able to see how many places I would climb with a 10 second better time. To get to a page in the middle I have to run from either the beginning or came back from the end!! Or at least show which page number I am on and be able to click straight on it.

What do you think?



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  • This would also be useful for anywhere were multiple pages are present, eg my runs. I have 600+, so to get to my 300th I have to page through 150 pages. If I know the date I can search, but if I don't that doesn't help. As well as this there's a slight bug, I think? If I've paged through to a run and accessed it, coming out takes me to the correct page if I'm on about page ten or less, but if I'm on page eleven or higher I'm returned back to the start and have to page through again. Not a big issue as it's only on the odd occasion I do this, but it would be nice to be fixed.
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