A climb-segment should have at least 2% average gradient

today my biggest "climb" is listed as being 727m, but this segment is in fact a complete race-course with approx 0% average gradient. I think that for a segment to feature as a climb, there should be a minimum average gradient of (for instance) 2%. 



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  • my 'biggest climb' has an average gradient of -5%

    at least yours is zero.  :)

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  • I wonder how long this issue has been going on? My profile's "Biggest Climb" is, in fact, a descent. 
    It would seem the function is set up to grab whatever segment has the biggest elevation difference, regardless whether it's actually a climb or not. I would suggest modifying the query to exclude any segments with a negative percent grade. And like Oyvind says above....limit the stat to segments with 2% grade (or steeper).

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