Combine Nordic Skiing and Cross Country Skiing Activities

It is confusing to have two different activity types (cross country ski and nordic ski) for the same thing . This leads to two different leader-boards for the same activities. These two activity types need to be combined.

Also as others have suggested, it would be useful to have skating and classic as seperate activity types. As these really are two different activities. You could have "Nordic Ski -Classic", and "Nordic Ski-Skate" as the options.



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    All Cross Country activities should now be listed as "Nordic Skiing" and it should no longer be possible to classify an activity as Cross Country. The transition to Nordic Skiing is complete! 

  • "It is confusing to have two different activity types (cross country ski and nordic ski) for the same thing ."

    Yes, I think that really should be changed. I just realized that I and everybody else used to logg the skiing as nordic skiing last season but that most people logg it as cross country skiing this season (probably because it is higher in the list and the correct term). 

  • Also - it would be nice to be able to search for xc segments

  • Absolutely,  Strava - please fix this.  Since the iphone app only has "Cross County Skiing" and not "Nordic Skiing" I started recording my activities as "Cross Country Skiing" this season, and wondered what happened to all of the segments.  The segments are still there, just recorded as "Nordic Skiing".  THESE ARE THE SAME SPORT.  

    Since Road Bike, Mountain Bike and Fat Bike are not separate, please keep all xc skiing together.

    And while you are at it, please give the XC ski community all of the goodies that exist for cycling (segment explorer, segment cups for top 10 and personal top 3, e-mails when someone takes your KOM...)


  • Bottom line up front:  I think the Cross-Country and Nordic Ski activities should be combined.

    I see the problem to be in the naming convention.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to renaming the activities something like: “Nordic Skate Ski” and “Classic Cross-Country”.

    I’m using Android Strava Version 4.2.2 and I don’t see Nordic ski as an activity option.  There is Alpine, Backcountry and Cross-Country available.  However on the web, Nordic is still available if you edit the activity.

    I typically spend most of my kilometers skate skiing and only classic on special occasions.  I’d bet this is typical of most Strava users who ski.  When I do classic, I like to see how I stack up against my skate ski times on the segments.

  • I'm very surprised they have not addressed this.  Very confusing.  Seems that last season most were using "Nordic Skiing", and this season it is now more common to use "Cross Country Skiing".  Messes up season to season & segment comparisons.

  • The reason why most people now log it as "Cross-country skiing" is probably because it is available through the app (where "Nordic skiing" is unavailable).

    Anyway, they should be merged. And then preferably split into skate and classic. This goes for roller skis as well.

  • I had filed a ticket proposing the correction as well (eliminate "Nordic", add "Cross Country Skiing - Skate, Cross Country Skiing - Classic, Rollerskiing - Skate, Rollerskiing - Classic) and was told that:

    "While they are similar [Nordic and Cross Country], some believe they are separate types, and will have their own segment matching. As of now consolidation is not in the roadmap..."

    I have no idea who in their right mind would think that Nordic Skiing and Cross Country Skiing are different activities. I had hoped that Strava would have been more in tune with their athletes.  Especially in non-Running/Biking activities where their user-base continues to grow through grassroots. I think the best we can do is to keep asking, and getting our fellow skiiers to chime in as well.  

  • When fis call the activity in question cross country

    I really don't understand why we either need to use the correct name for the activity and make new segments and move all are old activities if we want to compare to those or use the less correct name instead of the correct one.  

    "While they are similar [Nordic and Cross Country], some believe they are separate types, and will have their own segment matching. As of now consolidation is not in the roadmap..."

    So they made a new category with the correct name of the activity and claim that nordic skiing and cross country skiing are different but they cant split cross country skiing into two distinct activities, skate and classic? What can we expect next, a new category called cycling because ride and cycling are different activities?

    Couldn't they at least move over all old nordic ski activities and segments to the new cross country skiing so could the people that think it is a difference be the ones that make new segments?

  • "Cross County Skiing" and "Nordic Skiing" is the same sport. Please combine. 

  • Hi folks! 

    We agree that these activity types are indeed duplicates, and should be combined. When we added a bunch of new Activity types this past June, and this was when "Cross-country Skiing" was added despite already having "Nordic Skiing" on the list. 

    I've created a report with the engineers, and we'll get this project prioritized whenever we can fit it into our workflow. 

    In the meantime, which Activity Type would you prefer that we keep? Nordic or Cross-country? 

  • Please keep the oldest (Nordic skiing) since that's where we have a bunch of activities. And after merging with the other one, you might want to rename it to cross-country skiing... :)
  • Awesome, thanks Elle!  Great support from Strava.  Looking forward to the combination.  I agree with Anders, since there are likely far more Nordic activities and segments because it was around longer.  But the more correct naming should be Cross Country Skiing (preferrably 2 types: skate and classic since they are so different).  At the end of the day the most important piece would be just to combine them, whatever name is chosen, to prevent future confusion. 

  • I agree, keep Nordic,  there are at least 3 years of data.  Elle - you spent time in the upper valley, check out all of the "Nordic Ski" segments at Oak Hill and the Greens created over the last 3-4 years.  And please let us search for segments on XC ski so we can find places to ski when we travel.

  • Great - agree with the merge of the two. Keep Nordic due to segments created over the last few years, but perhaps rename to "Cross-country" after the merge (as someone suggested earlier)?


  • Actually, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to just rename "Nordic ski" to "Cross-country classic skiing" and rename "Cross-country skiing" to "Cross-country skate skiing". That could save you a lot of work of merging and then splitting.

    But you would have to make them both available in the app, not just in the browser...

  • joel lafrance has the correct answere, add "Cross Country Skiing - Skate, Cross Country Skiing - Classic for Winter sports and Rollerskiing - Skate, Rollerskiing - Classic for roller skiing

  • Thanks for all the feedback! If you haven't already, you can add your vote to this related feature suggestion forum:

    Currently being discussed is how to handle the segment data around Nordic and Cross Country activity types. We currently have a "Wintersports" segment category, where multiple wintersport activity types share segments (pros and cons to this, I know). The problem is that "Nordic Skiing" wasn't included as a Wintersport segment type so that causes issues fragmenting the segments between two activity types that are essentially the same thing. 

    We'll be sure to consider the feedback here as we move along with this project, and we'll keep you posted. 

  • Agreed, Nordic (or x/c, whatever) skate skiing and classical skiing should be separate categories - different gear, different stride, and speeds are not comparable.
  • We need separate categories for cross country skate skiing and cross country classic skiing.  You can call them Nordic Skate Skiing and Nordic Classic skiing if you prefer but there need to be two distinct activity classes.  These two different activities usually take place on the same trail networks but they are completely different, as others have also noted.  We have segments created at North Fork Park, where Ogden Nordic grooms the cross country ski trails just outside of Ogden, UT. (  Everybody is asking me what happened to our segments, which are no longer visible in the iPhone app as "Nordic Skiing".  You have to save the activity then go home and change the activity on your computer.  I think everybody would be okay to lose that history if necessary if we could have two distinct categories (skate vs classic).  For us, however, it would be better to re-name the former "Nordic Ski" activity as Cross Country Ski - Skate, or Nordic Ski - Skate.  Then create a new and separate activity class for "Cross Country Ski - Classic" or "Nordic Ski - Classic".  Most of our skiers are skating so this would be the most beneficial and least disruptive to `2 years of data.  Still, this is Strava so if the history of these segments is lost we'll all just go out and fight again to be on top of the pack after we recreate all the segments.  Let's do something soon though, before we get too far into this season.  The natives are restless!

  • Agree PLEASE FIX THIS! It's absurd and it's screwing up segments for our whole town.

  • Just saw the new Cross Country Skiing activity type and found my way to this support topic.

    I suggest merging it back with Nordic Skiing because it's not clear why there are two activity types for the same sport.

    I also think it would be good to have separate categories for Freestyle and Classic, since that's how the sport is structured in racing at all levels, from local to World Cup / Olympics, and there is a clear speed difference between the two techniques.

    Since there is a considerable backlog of activities logged under the generic "Nordic Skiing" activity type (which used to be the only one available), I suggest renaming "Nordic Skiing" to "Cross Country Skiing (Freestyle)" and adding "Cross Country Skiing (Classic)" as a new activity type.  Athletes should explicitly update their activities to Classic if that's the technique they were using for the workout.  I'd rather have it default to Freestyle because this way, the leaderboards for Classic won't get polluted with a lot of Freestyle workouts, and the leaderboards for Freestyle aren't as likely to be polluted with Classic since Classic is the slower of the two techniques.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • I am a big supporter and subscriber of Strava since a long time. But I have to say that this "improvement change" about categories has poorly implemented. Today, doing only cross-country skating ski, I would use today the "Cross-Country skiing" category, but all my segments are stored in the previous Nordic Ski category... I know that the situation is tricky to solved (copy or not copy as proposed below), but do something and communicate clearly the guidelines. Thanks a lot for your great work  !

  • Hello - I posted the following to a related thread a few days ago:

    "Hi folks! We're hoping to clear up the confusion between the Nordic Skiing and Cross Country Skiing activity types, as these two separate types are duplicates (this would not be related to the original topic of separating the activity into skate and classic skiing).

    The proposed solution would be to keep "Nordic Skiing" activity type and remove "Cross Country Skiing", while migrating all existing Cross Country activities to the Nordic activity type. 

    Is there any feedback from this thread as to the preferred solution?"


    Please see the link above for the full discussion. Sounds like "Nordic Skiing" is generally well supported. 

  • Elle - The proposed solution you posted today works for me.


  • Sounds good to me too... also nice job at Azencross!

  • The proposed solution to eliminate Cross Country Skiing and revert everything back to Nordic Skiing is a perfect solution.  You must also get the category of "Nordic Skiing" back onto the iPhone app.

    Also, I've had lots of users at our park indicate that they no longer get "achievements" for Nordic Ski or Cross Country Ski activities on Strava.  If you go out and ski to a KOM you are not notified of this as an achievement.  You have to look at each segments to see how you did.  This also needs to be addressed.  One of our skiers went out yesterday and had several top 3 spots on Cross Country Skiing but did not receive any "achievements" for that activity.  Another skier went out at the same time and his ski did not even show any segments present for his cross country ski activity.  It seems broken on multiple levels at the moment.

    As for Classic vs. Skate ski, my suggestion is to convert the current Nordic Ski category to Nordic Skate Ski and bring all of the segments and activities along for the ride.  It will include lots of classic ski sessions, of course, but since skate skiing is generally faster, it will do less damage.  Then, you need to create a new category called Nordic Classic Ski.  This is not perfect but might disrupt the fewest number of athletes since skate skiing is generally faster and more popular than classic skiing (in the US anyway).  You could go the other way and we'll adapt in either case.  Leaving them combined into the same activity is no good for anybody. Once you do split them out, I think people should have the option to go back and change their activity class from skate to classic if they named the activities or gave it a description so they know which technique they were using.

  • Your solution is good, Ellen. Would be great if those activities and segments were combined. Whether you name it nordic skiing or cross country skiing isn't that important, but I guess cross country is the correct term, as nordic skiing includes ski jumping and telemark skiing. There is also a sport called nordic combined. In my opinion the very best solution is to merge the activities, segments and leaderboards of "nordic skiing" and "cross country skiing" and name the activity "cross country skiing".

    And even more perfect with some sort of function to choose between "classic" and "skate" to be shown in the activity page, in the same way as you choose which bike or pair of shoes you used. Great for followers to view, and useful to get statistics. Maybe even different leaderboards for classic and skate? Preferably all of the segments applies to both.

  • So when is this going to happen?  I have been going in and switching all of my "Cross country skiing" activities to "Nordic Skiing",  Now I see that many people are just staying with the "Cross country skiing" because that is the only thing you can choose on the iPhone App.  So what is happening is that new segments are being created and there are two separate worlds for the same activity.  The XC ski season is in full swing now and will only last until mid March so please do this soon!

  • I can't say things in a better way than Peter Weitzman just below : this is also causing a total mess in our area! And we are in the middle of the season already.

    Please merge those 2 activities or make their segments common.


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