New Challenge ideas

i like the challenge idea, but there isn't much there


how about a "new ground" challenge?   could be Ride 50miles of new-to-you trails or routes in 50 days.   Or something like that.  It would be something at which newbies could actually beat more experienced riders, for once, and help stoke interest for newer users.



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  • I agree, a lot of the challenges, especially this month, have become stale and only be won or have a top ranking for pros or mileage junkies, how about some of these.... 

    Perhaps look at the following

    - 20km TT challenge - "Break the sound barrier" - 30minutes, or a challenge 20km TT break 35min.... something linked to speed, and for safety, the ave gradient cannot be greater than -5% ? 
    - 2000m climb in one ride - "Mountain goat" - including cool pics on the badge would look great - they all looking very formal currently 
    - Red zone - exclusive to HR monitor users (will also drive sales) "Red Zone badge" - keep your HR above 170 for 20 min on bike.... 
    - Heart-rate challenge. "Peak Pulse challenge" - see how many minutes you can keep you heart rate above 90%, or 170bpm... will force the pros to also shit off a bit like the rest of us who are not as fit, you don't struggle to get it up :) 

    - 1km TT sub 3min "Speady Conzalez" 
    - 5km TT sub 20min "Running from the police badge" 
    - 1000m climbing in one session. "King Kong award" 
    - various milestone badges for 6min/km 10km; 5min/km 10km; 4min/km 10km; 3:30min/km 10km sub 3min/km 10km.... 
    these milestones are huge in a runners career.

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  • i like it.

    especially the climbing:  could make it more like the MTS challenge by including stages of 'greatness'.... ie:  1,200m in a single ride = tough    2,000m = Goat   3,000m = Superstar

    I'll leave it to the marketing people to determine the wording and images.   It would certainly encourage me to push just a little further 

    I'm also a fan of the HRM challenges.  some sort of  cumulative suffer score analysis.     suffer score is already based on HR, distance, and time....  so how about cumulative suffer score of 500 = a badge. (you can get it in 10 rides @ 50, or 4 rides at 125, etc...)

    going for maximum peak HR is as dangerous as time-trials on downhilll slopes.   we don't need people blowing out an artery for a badge.


    I sure hope that someone at Strava is monitoring these ideas! :)

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  • Definitely. I'm tired of the same old challenges. Us runners get a 10km, 21.1km and the MTS. Over a similar time period last year they at least had some variety (like run a distance, any distance, on Valentines Day).

    I like the idea of trophies/challenges for quick 1kms and 5kms etc.

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  • Some great suggestions here. Would you mind posting to the Challenge Feedback forum below? It's a better place for us to gather all Challenge Feedback moving forward.

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