Add support for ANT+ with Strava Android App II

This is to allow the strava Android community to continue to give feedback, that apparently strava no longer wants to get since Elle closed the other thread. Let's see if strava closes this one too in order to try to shut us up. Closing the thread was a whole new level of arrogance and BS.



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  • Strava, if you really are going to add ANT+ leave this thread open to keep us informed about your progress.

  • I have just moved to Strava from SportyPal/RunKeeper. And to my big surprise (and a very bad one as well), I have found that Strava Android app is simply refusing to work with my ANT+ devices! I have payed for one month premium membership to test the app in its full, planning to move to year plan. However, unless there is ANT+ implemented, I am not going to pay a penny more and simply move back to really great app from

  • We’d love to have your help making sure we test the right ANT+ devices and accessories as development progresses. As we move into a testing phase for ANT+ support within the Android app, we want to know what devices and accessories you hope to use so we can ensure a quality experience. 


    Please fill out the below form for as many devices/accessories as you’d like to record with. Feel free to share with other Strava for Android friends as well. 
  • ANT+ not working.

    Why You wrote that ANT+ able to connect with STRAVA  there -> ???

    In FAQ (of 4.8.0) still writen that ANT+ not supported.

  • Happy new year everyone - 

    Since the December 14th public release of Strava v4.6 for Android, "Strava for Android now lets you pair your ANT+ devices with a compatible phone."

    I've reopened the original thread for comments if you'd like to leave us feedback. 

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