Make Club Activity Feeds private for Private Clubs

This feature suggestion post aims to collect feedback and comments from the Strava community on how we can improve privacy settings around Clubs. 

Currently, when you join a Strava Club your activity data becomes accessible to other members in the club as well as anyone on Strava who views the Club page. Anyone can view the "Recent Activity" tab for a Strava Club, member or not, follower or non-follower. The Private Club setting doesn't change the visibility of Club data, and simply restricts who can become a member. Even with Enhanced Privacy turned ON, joining a Strava Club adds your Recent Activity to the Club feed. 

Please let us know how we can improve this area of Strava.




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    A privacy update for all of you.

    Starting this week, if you are a member of a Strava Club and you have enabled Enhanced Privacy:

    Your Activities in the Club's Feed will only be visible to club members who are also your approved followers. 

    For example, if I am a member of the same club as you, but I do not follow you, I will not see your Activities in the Club's Feed. Also, if I am not a club member, and I also do not follow you, I similarly won't see your Activities in the Club's Feed. 


    We look forward to hearing about other privacy concerns that are important to you, and we plan to continue our efforts to improve privacy on Strava. Thank you! 

  • Would love to use Strava to organize our quasi-club rides. Email is unwieldily and some of our crew refuse to use Facebook group chat for privacy reasons. Their Strava profiles use Enhanced Privacy and even avoid photos so it looks like Strava Clubs won't work for us either. Private Club with better privacy and notifications would make Premium Membership appealing.

  • Why not adding a second privacy "switch" for clubs? If this switch is on, the details of the club activities, especially the time stamp for each ride, are only visible for club members. Non-members won't see those details.

    It's look a bit inconsistent. The user could set his activities to private, but when he enters a club, even a privat one, all activities details  are shown for all strava users. :-(

  • "Please let us know how we can improve this area of Strava"

    Seems a no brainer:

    1) If my activity is set to private (or if I'm set to "only followers") DON'T list it on a club's "recent activity" page... You can  still pull the relevant stats for club leaderboards (miles, etc). 

    2) Or GET RID OF CLUB ACTIVITY ALTOGETHER. If I want to see what all those folks are up to, I'll be following them anyway.

    2.5) Show the club "recent activity" as a filtered feed of A) People I'm following who are also B) are in the club

    Why is this hard?

    As it stands, trying to make a public club for area riders is non-starter with these privacy leaks.

  • Here's a start:

    SELECT * FROM activities WHERE athlete.privacy != "enhanced privacy" AND athlete.club_membership = "this_club";

  • 2) or 2.5) sounds great!

    Thanx Mr. Big LBellski!


    Elle, now it's your turn ...

  • Only people in the private club should have access to the "Recent activity" tab.

  • +1 vote for making club activities and leaderboards visible only to club members.  There is no reason for anyone outside a club to be seeing these activities.  As has been stated on all these threads, it's a gaping privacy hole which serves no purpose and should be very easy to fix.  Please do this soon.

  • Would like to have the ability to allow the privacy setting of rides to be set to club only, then the data wouldn't appear on public leaderboards, but can be seen in a club leaderboard.

    Particular reason is in the mountain bike world (I know we don't seem to exist), we may be riding on private land or sensitive area (that doesn't mean it was illegal, could be our land, we have permission, or it's an event with permission from landowner).

    Additional to that it would also still be useful to share via a link to anyone. Just simply don't let rides marked as a club ride appear on public leaderboards (better still if we could create/mark segments that are club specific).

    Finally - being a member of a club shouldn't make all your rides a club ride. You should have the ability to set it as a club ride knowing it will only appear in the club section. Viewing the club however you can see club member's non-club activities, or maybe make that a setting or filter in the club.

  • Any updates on this?

    I, and many others, am not willing to have all of my activities appear as club rides. Allowing all club member activities to be viewed by any Strava user significantly compounds that issue.

    There should be multiple settings to meet the communities needs.

    First it should be possible to have a club that does not display activity feeds. I suspect that announcing events, publishing routes and enabling discussions would meet the primary objectives of many "clubs".

    Second, it should be possible to limit which, if any, rides a Strava user shares with the Club. For example when a user is away from their local area they may not want the club (and for that matter any Strava user) to be able to determine that they are away from their home!

    Lastly, for a private club only active club members should be able to see any club information.

  • Dear Strava & Elle

    Has there been any progress made on this issue? As an admin of our club page I have been approached by a number of members to make our group private to avoid their activities being available to anyone viewing our club page. Their own account settings are set to the enhanced privacy mode and they aren't happy that by being a member of our club page their privacy settings are compromised.

    Please note that we have had some issues with 'random' individuals following female members of our club in spite of their choice to select enhanced privacy on their account and they are uncomfortable with the current lack of privacy associated with our Strava club page.

    Please provide an update on Strava's progress regarding this issue as a matter of urgency.



  • Strava,

    I am keen to know if any enhanced club privacy settings have been implemented. I don't like the idea that my personal privacy settings are compromised through membership of a club, but really like being part of the clubs.

  • This area of Clubs in regard to Privacy is still under discussion, but we hope to make some progress soon. Thanks for your patience. 

  • I would also like to have private clubs actually be PRIVATE!

    Non-members shouldn't be able to see who are members or at the least be able to see any of the comments being made as our runs are for members only. I have resisted using Strava for our group in the past just because of this reason.

  • Hi, it's nice to see a solution now and appreciate the effort. Unfortunately this means I have to enable Enhanced Privacy which means all my rides are private unless I approve followers. Does this also mean I can't share to Facebook?

    People don't tend to bother following if they have to request to follow.

    What would be preferable is having my rides generally public, but I can make some rides private to a specific group or groups, as well as the existing ability to make rides totally private.

    It's a visibility level. Share with public, share with specific groups (or even people), don't share.

  • This:

    "Your Activities in the Club's Feed will only be visible to club members who are also your approved followers."

    Huge step forward! Thanks Elle!

    So much potential here now to create local groups of riders interested in group rides, but not public rides. Awesome.

  • Except.... it doesn't seem to be working.

    I just joined the Outside Magazine club, posted a test ride, then looked at the club page from another account that is NOT following me (I'm private), and my ride shows up. And disappears. And shows up again randomly with page refreshes.

    Interestingly it is doing the same for ME on the club activity feed -- showing up and disappearing randomly on page refreshes.

    Perhaps you're still working out the kinks?

    More alarmingly, I see no way to LEAVE the club which is currently leaking all my "privacy enhanced" activities. Help! 

    EDIT: Found the tiny, obscure "leave" link (not a button) beside the club page's member number list.

  • Thanks Big LBellski, we're looking into it. 

  • So, what's the use to be in a public club if you're rides are not shown in the club feed because you have enhanced privacy on? I mean, if I don't want to share my rides, I don't join a public club, now that there are the private clubs.

  • Thanks for the feedback Andrea, we simply heard the reverse argument from many users which is what inspired the change. 

    Big LBellski, no updates to report yet on the issue you mentioned. 

  • Andrea D. -- A couple of use cases:

    1) Joining any of the new "news" clubs Strava just created -- I want those announcements, but don't want to share my activities. (could be solved by making them activity-feed-less clubs, but they aren't.)

    2) Joining a private club -- perhaps I want to compete on mileage, and chat with members of that club, but whereas I have vetted everyone who follows me (with advanced privacy) I don't know that all XX members of the club are good upstanding folks who aren't using Strava to stalk folks.

    3) Joining a public club -- For the reasons above, compounded by the fact that (previously) joining a public club made all your rides public regardless of your privacy setting. This alarming violation of privacy was not clearly explained -- If I have enhanced privacy, that security should hold throughout all of the platform.

    4) Creating a club to encourage more community cycling -- I want to connect folks in the area who aren't all "friends" (mutual followers) but may be interested in learning about Wednesday night rides, etc... (and perhaps someday becoming friends). If a condition of joining that club is "All or your activities will be shared with everyone in the club (private club) or the world as a whole (public club)" then that is a non-starter for anyone concerned about privacy.

    In short, there are many social and community aspects about joining a Strava club that shouldn't necessitate everyone being able to see everyWHERE I have ridden and everyWHEN I tend to ride.

    Making your rides public puts a lot of information into the world people can use to determine your behavior, when you usually are / aren't home, where you ride / run, how expensive your bikes are... etc. I'm OK with sharing that information with a select group of people I've met and trust, but not everyone.

    So again, thanks, Strava, for making the effort on this one!

  • The December 2016 change is good but might be a bit too inflexible!

    In a private member club, any member with enhanced privacy set shows up on the club leader board (e.g Total training hours for the week), but the activities are hidden to the approved club members. Many of the options enhanced privacy provides are good but at the moment it seems to be all or nothing.

    If a private members club is trusted, it should be possible to have some privacy granularity for bona fide members to share and see other club member activities in a private club without going through the hassle of following everyone in the club. Why join / have a private club if most of its activities are going to be hidden? Or is this where "verified" clubs come into play?

  • Stephen, I can certainly see both perspectives here. 

    For a Private Club, non-members cannot view the Activity Feed or the Club Discussions. So for some members it may be a bit of privacy overkill to additionally hide their activities from the members-only Feed. However, we had to make a decision here based on the majority of the concerns voiced in the community. I think it would be helpful to consider your feedback, but I'm not sure if it will inspire a change in how the newly revised Enhanced Privacy works for Clubs. 

  • Hi Elle - 

    So the abhorrent behavior of my rides showing up in public groups (despite having extended privacy set to on) continues.

    Granted, it is fleeting -- and looks like it is possibly related to page caching?

    Steps to reproduce (somewhat consistent):

    1. Set enhanced privacy to ON for original account
    2. Join a group (I chose Outside Magazine)
    3. Post a ride (I did manual add)
    4. Check the group's recent activity tab (private ride visible)
    5. Open the group's recent activity from another account that is not following you (private ride visible)
    6. Hit the Ajax "load more" button (private ride disappears)
    7. If someone else posts a ride to the group, the private ride also disappears for the non-follower
    8. Refresh the "recent activity" feed in the original account (private ride reappears)
    9. Refresh the "recent activity" feed in the non-follower account (private ride reappears)
    10. Hit the Ajax "load more" button in the non-follower account (private ride disappears)

    This makes me think that a cached version of the page which is built when the original account calls the feed is being served to the non-follower when they first access the feed...

    Note it's not entirely consistent. Sometimes a previously hidden private ride shows up when I click the ajax "load more" button, sometimes it disappears. If anything, it's the inconsistency that worries me the most. It appears that the ride eventually disappears from the feed, but I have no faith it will stay gone. 

    Hope to get this fixed -- super excited to utilize club feeds to build our cycling community -- but until this privacy leak is fixed, I can not in good conscience recommend anybody join a club.

  • Big LBellski - In our testing we could not reproduce this issue unfortunately, and believe it to be a caching issue that eventually resolved itself. I've shared your steps with the team and I hope they are able to revisit. 

  • Just tested this.  With Enhanced Privacy enabled, rides still appearing in club feed for other member that is not follower.

  • Hi Danny, there may be some caching problems initially, but these should go away quickly. Please let our support team know if you continue to see these issues. 

  • Hi Elle, is that server or client side? I tested cross browser to try to eliminate client side.

  • After more testing, it does seem to be a cache issue... but that's not an excuse for not doing something about it! If a company were leaking my credit card info, but said:

    "It's a cache issue, and your data will be removed after a few minutes"

    I would NEVER do business with them.

    I could write a simple script that pings a club page every 30 seconds and scrapes Person X's rides when they happen to pop up between cache rewrites. Within a few short months, I could have all of Person X's recent rides, which might allow me to pinpoint his house, or his commuting behavior, or his ride habits (hey look, he's gone from his house every Saturday between 10am and noon!).

    I appreciate Strava's enhanced privacy mode since online privacy and security is important. But the privacy leak via clubs is unacceptable. I wish I could utilize the feature, but until this is fixed -- and enhanced privacy user data bypasses the cache -- groups are a non-starter, and Strava should be very explicit about this to its users with a simple banner message:

    Warning: Use of Groups on Strava WILL LEAK your private activity data to the public despite any privacy settings you have enabled. This information may be USED TO TARGET YOU.


  • Thanks for remaining patient with us Big LBellski. Our engineers are still working to address this issue being raised about the caching. 

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