Show all activities in "Last 4 weeks" on Athlete Profile

Dear Strava.

I would very much like to see a black square and a coloured pole showing other training sessions than running and cycling in the "Last 4 weeks" diagram on my "Athlete Profile" page.

As you say at Strava; "every mile tells a story", "Prove it!" I would be as humble as to add; if you mean it, live it (and Prove it!). So, when I'm not cycling or running, but doing strength training or cross country skiing, it looks like I'm on "sick-leave" on my profile page. I'm fully aware of the large number on the left, indicating the total number og activities/sessions, but the whole area is designed in the way that the more visual parts displaying the square (gray/black) and coloured poles are the thing catching the eye. As saied, I would like to see other activities visualised in the same way on this page. I am OK with including all other activities as a single category, like "XT". 

Please look into this issue. I am probably not the only Strava user occupied with other sports and ativities i'd like to "Prove".




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    Hi Knut - we've just updated the profile page to include this feature. Enjoy, and please leave us feedback. 

  • I'll second this. Strength training, ellipticals, even yoga. At a glance it looks like I've taken a day off!

  • Agree with this. The website for the watches show more activities than Strava does. What's the point of using it if it only shows a small number of activity types?

  • Agreed, it would be helpful to have the leader boards show all miles covered not just run/swim/cycle as well as the training logs 

  • Hi last nights session failed to upload is there a reason for this? is it possible it could be uploaded. I have Tom Tom running watch.

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