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After contacting Support, they recommended that I drop my suggestion in here. So here you go. I ride with a lot a friends from a London based Tri club and occasional a few of them will go 'off-piste' and do a variation of a standard route or create a whole new route somewhere - which I like and want to try at a later date. When I want to go back later and find the route to download the GPX I have to wade through a lot of rides (not in my group) that aren't what I want. And this can be quite time consuming, clicking in and out of rides. 

So my suggestion is that if searching for an activity you could filter on friends. That is put in the key word, and/or filter by distance/time etc but only within your group of friends or clubs. So in the search section where you filter your searches you could have a check box for search by friends or search by clubs. 

The other option is to save a route i.e. you can give kudos or comment on an activity, but you could also save it - and not just download the GPX. You simply locate your saved or favourite routes so you can see map and profile details then decide whether to download the GPX or not. 

The first option would work better if you have a big group of very active friends who like exploring. The 2nd would work better if you come across great rides or run routes not necessarily by friends and you simply want to earmark quickly to check out later. 

Hope those points make sense.




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