Custom Heat Maps based on Activities from a group

Is there a way to create a heat map for selected activities?  I lead a weekly running group and would like to see a heat map of just the aggregate of those particular group runs.  A custom date range doesn't work, because that adds in all runs during that timeframe, not just my group runs.

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  • No, we don't have a feature for this Mark! But I think it's an excellent idea so I've moved the post to our Feature Suggestion section. 

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  • Hi, I would like to extend this feature suggestion with this idea: I'd like to use hashtags to tag my rides and then be able to create a heatmap for a specific hashtag. It would be great if I could create a global hashtag-heatmap, not just a personal one. The intended usage is openstreetmap surveys — I'd like to tag certain rides as #osm-survey and then be able to see what I've covered.

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