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Don't You agree that would be very helpful, nice and practice to have a spotlight search box like we have on Facebook or IOS systems, instead of having to select the search by athlete or clubs or whatever, or browse through pages, wasting precious time? :) Cheers keep on the good work



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    Our current Spotlight search: 

  • Thanks Pedro - please add your comments to this feedback thread:

    We do have a spotlight search for Strava athletes you are following, but not for activities or clubs. The spotlight search is the magnifying glass at the top of all Strava pages. 

  • Search is awful on Strava! Essentially non-existent. There are so many types of search I'd like to do. None of them work. I can't search my own activities for past towns or regions or specific street or segment names. Let's say I want to find prior rides to "Pescadero" or all my rides in "Colorado" or rides with "Jane Doe" ... There's a search box in Training/MyActivites, but it enables none of this.  Or imagine I want to find a friend who'd ever done a ride in Pescadero or Colorado?  Can't do it, except by stumbling around in popular segments in or near those areas.  This is insane! I can't imagine a bigger bang-for-buck product feature that you could put on your roadmap.

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