Display data from all activity types in the Training Log

Currently, Strava's Training Log interface provides three views: Run, Ride, and Multi-sport. However, despite its name, the Multi-sport view does not include any activity type data other than that for running or cycling, apart from acknowledging that such an activity took place on a day with an XT tag. As a result, Strava is far less useful for those of us who participate in other activities, and many people are avoiding paying for Strava Premium because of this lapse (yes, we feel ignored).

At minimum, we would like the Training Log's Multi-sport view to include cumulative time spent on all supported activities, displaying them in different colored circles, as it does for running and cycling. That way those who snowshoe or cross-country ski in the winter, for instance, will at least be able to see how long they're exercising, as will those who are unable to run or bike, but can walk or kayak, for instance.

Better yet would be additional views parallel to Run and Ride for each activity type that Strava supports. Strava could easily display such a control for an activity on the fly based on that activity taking place at all, or show the control only if the activity took place a certain number of times, or within a certain time period. For me, for instance, I'd get a Snowshoe view and a Cross-Country Ski view, since those are sports I participate in regularly, but not a Kayak view, since I've never done that as an activity. In this scenario, the Multi-sport view should still calculate cumulative time across all activities.

If you're troubled by this discrimination against sports other than running and cycling within Strava, please leave a comment in this thread so the Strava folks realize how important it is.


Thanks in advance to Elle for passing this on, and to the developers for implementing it so we can all happily pay for Strava Premium.



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  • As someone responded above, it is not a big development from a software perspective to show cumulative time spent on all sports!

  • It's pretty absurd that such a simple development effort has been ignored for over two years. I know I would be much more inclined to pay for Premium if Hiking and other activities were included in stats like this. How ridiculous is it that I can do a crazy 20 mile day-hike and in the training log it looks like I rested.

    I see this is already supported in the My Profile last 4 weeks history training log, so why not the complete training log?

  • I never cycle, but would like to log climbing, snowboarding and  kayaking activity.
    Please Strava?

  • I would love to have this feature added! I am certain this has already been mentioned, but coloured bubbles for all sport would be cool, having the ability to change the metric (time distance elevation) for the multisport log, and also a swim log. Really hope you add this soon!

  • At the very least, please include hikes in the weekly mileage, gain, and time. I've been having to log all hikes as runs but it'd be nice to be able to differentiate the two...

  • I would like to see rowing time / distance included

  • I know its hopeless to chip in one more voice on this, as Strava has for years seemed to be ignoring requests for better tracking of sports they have deemed "second class". But sometimes I get so frustrated about this.

    I inline skate, a lot. I don't run, I don't cycle, I skate. 500 miles last month, 3800 miles so far this year.

    My training log says I have done 0 this year. The stats block on the side of my profile says I have done 0 this year. You go to the one Strava club I am a member of and check the leader boards, and you will never see my name.

    I know other skaters who were frustrated enough by Strava's lack of decent support, that they ended up logging their workouts as cycling rides in order to get better stats. I will not do that because then my segment comparisons would be against cyclists who are going 5 or 10 miles an hours faster that I am. But I am unable to compare segments with my friends who have chosen to do this.

    There are things about Strava that are miles better than the competition, so I continue to use it. But somehow other apps do basic stuff like tracking "other" sports right while Strava trips at the finish line.

  • Just returned to erg’ing.... I can’t believe it doesn’t show up. Very tempted to leave strava (and premium subscription) as a result. Poor show from strava for what should be a very easy fix. 

  • I was about to look at my training stats comparing year over year summaries of my training and realized like all the rest of you that Strava does not have that, what? For the sake of argument I went back and looked at what Strava advertises on the first page of strava.com.

    "If you're active, Strava was made for you. Our mobile app and website enhance the experience of sport and connect millions of athletes from around the world. We're the social network for those who strive. Join us."

    It does not specifically says "if you are an active cyclist, runner or swimmer, Strava is made for you" Srava - please either change the service or the way you describe your service.

    "Make the most of your sport with Premium." Again, it does not say anywhere, at least not that I could find, that my sport has to be either running, cycling or swimming. I am a premium paying user. I can not make the most of my sport when it is not treated the same way as running, swimming or cycling.

    "Here's how Premium takes your experience to the next level.

    Get better
    The best performance analysis tools, including a few you won't find anywhere else."

    Please Strava, could you also add here "excluding many others that you could find on most other training logging sites for any other sport that is not running, cycling or swimming"

    "You don't have to run or ride to love our features. Strava works with many of your other favorite sports, like skiing, kiteboarding, crossfit, kayaking, inline skating, rock climbing, surfing, yoga and more. Give it a shot, you'll dig it."

    Dear Strava, can you please add to this text that it does not include the coolest features like searching for segments for your sport, adding them to the summary of how much you have trained etc since these, the most liked and wanted features are only for running and cycling?

    Apart from that, I really like the social aspect of your service, the heatmaps for running and cycling, the routplanner and much much more. If you only could expand your services to really include all sports, just as you promise on your website, I would love to keep being a paying customer to your service.

  • Has this been implement yet? I feel like a lot of us are going to grab the nordic skis soon and not have a solid way to track in the log. Side buzz kill, sounds like nordic skiing won't have any impact on fitness/freshness graph... 

  • +1

    Dear Strava...

    In winter when its raining and cold, rowing is a good alternative. Why, why can't I at least see the total

    time and distance rowed in my training log. Surely not a big ask, considering the amount of premium

    membership I've paid you over the years...Looks like there's a lot of people agree with me here and FYI

    a huge amount of the rowers I know would gladly join Strava but for this failing....

  • It would be great to include time spent Nordic skiing, added to the weekly totals on the training log.  In the cycling off-season, we're now spending 3-5 hours on skate skis per week.

  • Especially because Nordic skiing counts in my fitness/freshness graph and is harder than running...why isn't this included in my training hours or training calendar?

    I hate not being able to compare my summer training hours with winter because Strava doesn't include my xc skiing hours!

    Probably because they're based in the bay area, where there is no snow and no Nordic community. Hey Strava, you have lots of users in MN, WI, MI, AK, etc. Stop hating us.

  • I'm here for the same request.

    I'm a premium member (runner, cyclist and Nordic skier) but I won't be a premium member anymore if Strava continues to leave the "other sports" behind...

  • I am routinely doing cross-country skiing (nordic ski) besides running and biking. I would find it really helpful if one could see all activities in the training log page, and not only running, biking, and swimming. It does not seem difficult to implement and, in my opinion, it would make perfect sense.

  • I would also really like to get this feature. I will continue my Premium subscription for 2018 but if this is not added by the end of the year then I will cancel my subscription and move to something else that actually logs all activities.

  • Adding my voice to the numerous calls for a revamped training log that incorporates sports other than running, cycling and swimming. Many of the cyclists I know in Canada use XC skiing as a cross training activity in the winter and dedicate a significant amount of time to this activity for 3-4 months of the year. With the current training log setup, a full one third of my annual training time and kilometres are not reflected in my weekly/monthly/annual stats. Makes Strava significantly less useful for people who prefer spending time outdoors skiing to sitting on an indoor trainer riding Zwift!  

  • Bleh, I don't want to go back to training peaks just because of this...please Strava.

  • I thought it was a joke when I got the film "your year in sports" and yet again Strava displays my total hours in sports this year as 2/3:rds of how much I have trained. I then got three or more emails saying that I should "hurry up because in 48 hours the offer to sign up for a full year of premium membership would end." I returned the question and asked them to reply to this feature request and/or fix their film in 48 hours.

  • Yes Strava - come on! It's been three years since this thread was started, and it is not a technically difficult thing to do. You would also be able to open your amazing service to more people (the large percentage of the world who do not just swim, run or cycle).

  • I used to be a premium user until last spring when I quit my premium member ship. I will not become a premium user again until this easy solved bug is fixed. I think all premium users experience the same problem should do the same.

  • I’d like to at least see an acknowledgment/ comment from someone at Strava on this...show some sign that you care about our input

  • C'mon Strava, get this feature added, include all the extra activities into the total hours for the week..............

  • I've just wanna give my support to this initiative. Please Strava, I think it would be a little effort with a huge benefit for all the users...

  • I am so frustrated about not seeing everything in my training log that I will cancel my paid subscription after the term ends.


    Let your money talk, and cancel too - telling support why you cancel.

  • My subscription ends on Monday and I won't be renewing. It's been years since this ticket was opened, and the same thing happened to many other. Strava simply doesn't care what their paying customers ask for.

  • The omission of other activities is annoying. I enter between 50-60km of walking a week along with weights and yoga sessions. I look at my totals and see basically nothing - I hardly see the point in logging it at all. The laughable thing is the regularity of requests I get to take out the Premium service - why would I pay for something that basically ignores what I do?

  • Got a reply from the support saying basically meh.

    "Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I have assigned your ticket over to the Community Team for review.

    We review all feature requests and suggestions and we are grateful for your contribution. It’s our goal to improve Strava based on your feedback whenever possible. We wish we could respond personally to all feedback, but please understand that you may not hear back from us, and we may not decide to use your feedback."

    I feel sad that the Training log is otherwise nice visualisation and they are so close. Even trying to show other activities with the XT on the weekly row, but as it is missing from the stats of the week it is just meh. Garmin Connect's UI is worse, but at least I do get my full stats there. 

    I would like to see Strava as the main point for my data and as the community for comparing stats with friends, but at the moment it can only be the community part really well. And for that I do not need the premium features and paid service. 

  • I have cancelled my Premium membership because of this and will not sign up agin unless they fix this shortcoming. There is no point getting only a partial overview of your training activities.

  • April 23, 2015.... How on earth has this not been addressed.

    It is like so many other instances with strava where you have numerous dedicated athletes requesting what would be a simple fix or addition to improve the overall platform for all yet they continue to concentrate on features that no-one requested and you find yourself 3 years down the line asking yourself what on earth they are all thinking over at HQ. 

    I want to renew my membership (I really do, I love strava.... I want to give you money) but until they start resolving simple issues and stop stonewalling, I don't feel like I can. Please change my mind.... It really wouldn't be hard. 

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