"My Results" filter for Segments should list which bike was used

Think how cool it would be if we could receive a notification when we achieve a PR on a segment while riding a particular bike.  Like lots of folks here, I ride several bikes, and sometimes I know I blew through a regular section at warp speed on a particular bike, yet it wasn't a faster time than say, on my road bike, which I used to set my existing PR.  It would be nice to know that we blasted a PR on that section on a particular bike, e.g. - on my Raleigh (sh@t bike) vs. my Scott ("fast" bike), for example.



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  • Should be great to have in the personal results, the possibility to show and/or filter the results by bike.
    I ride usually with two bikes and should be great if i can see witch one is faster in different situations.


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