Option to manually enter distance when not recorded for hometrainer activities

I record my hometrainer rides with my Garmin device (GPS turned off) and without a speed sensor so that the recorded distance is 0. It would be nice if I could enter the distance manually, then. My hometrainer shows the distance and I would like to enter that value. A manual activity is not an option for me because the recorded heart-rate, power etc. would not be included, then.

Strava could enable the manually enter distance option if both the hometrainer flag is set and the distance equals 0.



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  • Same problem for me. That solution would also Help when exporting training sessions from polarpersonaltrainer.com where, if you manually add the distance of your home training, it is not included in tcx file once exported so distrance doesn't appear on Strava and an easy solution would be being able to manually add it.

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