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Give "Group Ride" Kudos to everyone on a grouped Activity

If you have ever been on a ride with 10 or more people, it can be very time consuming to give kudos to everyone who is on the ride. I'd like the ability to give everyone on the ride kudos with a single click. If you go on rides with 50+ people using Strava, I can only imagine that attempting to give so many kudos must result in repetitive stress injuries!



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    Apologies for the trouble. Due to a few bugs with the kudo bomb feature, it has been disabled for the time being. We hope to bring it back soon.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Love this! Thanks Albert.

  • Support this suggestion so much!

    I exactly have this "problem" right now with a large group ride I helped organise; "Erlendur Þorsteinsson rode with X, Y and 79 others". I really want to give them all kudos for coming on the ride.

  • I love this idea. Now that there a lot of Zwift rides and I lead one, I like to thank everyone for coming (I do it on the ride) but kudos are nice. I would love this option. 

  • This feature was added to Strava in the iOS app. I'm not sure how I did it but the option came up to give kudos to everyone.


    I was trying to search the web for the steps to get the menu again. I was uploading a picture and the option to give kudos to all came up on the screen.

  • OK found it.

    1. Select all of the riders in teh group ride
    2. shake your iPhone
    3. you get a popup on the bottom, you can give kudos to everyone or just people you follow

  • This feature seems to be broken with the last update 5.3.0.

    Shaking won't offer "Kudos to everyone" or "Kudos to friends" anymore.


    After rebooting the phone, the feature worked again. Hmm.

  • The shaking feature is no more after the update - too bad. Wondering if theres another way.

  • Should still be working Steven. 

  • Eh, any chance Android users can get this feature too please!? :)

  • Works for me.  Thanks Jake.  I was wondering how people were getting Kudos out so fast.

  • Now I finally know why 30 random people gave me kudos on a Zwift ride! I'd like to return the favor it, alas, I have an Android phone. #redheadedstepchild

  • That's amazing.  Did a ride with well in excess of 150 people last night.  Kudos takes forever!!!
    Picked up the iPad Pro... gave it a shake... Wham... Kudos everyone... Awesome!!!

  • This is ACE! Many thanks

  • Finally - thanks!  Worked for me as well (iPhone).

  • Works GREAT!!!!

  • Please make available to Android and/or PC. Thanks.

  • I thought Jake Sigal was joking when he said to "shake" the phone. Why is that necessary...?

  • @bob - it's an easter egg, it's supposed to be cool and kind of hard to find :-)

  • So, back to this, how about letting Android and PC users share the love? I'd settle for a thumb-up button next to each athlete's name on a group list instead of having to open each ride individually to kudo. In essence, you'd be able to look at (and thumb-up) everyone on a big ride, and not just your friends. 

    Please, and thank you. :)

  • Android update please?

  • Android update please?

  • Nicholas (Help Center)

    Jul 5, 10:38 AM PDT

    Hi Travis,

    That's odd! It is deployed and is working on both our beta builds and the regular build of the app.

    Nicholas, PsyD
    Strava Support Team
  • The shaking worked with my android, just click on the riders in your group, give your android a shake and there it is, the option to kudo your friends or everyone

  • yes latest update made it work on Android I can confirm. its great. 

    it does have limits though, I think around 100 kudos. so if you are doing a large group ride on zwift for example, the app will crash. 

  • Woohoo.. worked on Android. click riders u rode with. List appears, then shake ur phone. :)

  • Works also for 100+ group rides, like with zwift, just tested with tonights Zwift Academy Social Ride (250+)

  • Android Kudo everyone feature stopped working after latest Oct 2 updates....sad! Please fix!

  • seems to have stopped working for Android today 

  • As of update 20.0.0 that got installed on my phone today this is no longer working.  I was passing out kudos left and right last night and now today after the update, shaking does nothing and I don't see any new buttons to replace or augment shaking (though that would seem like a logical option to add.)

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