Show heart rate data on swim activities

Currently the swim data from the HRM-Swim doesn't display. It would be good to get it on there for suffer score etc.



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  • Definitely would be useful to have the swim HR!

  • Please add this functionality. 

    If it doesn't get added by the time my renewal comes around I'll cancel my premium subscription and spend the money on training peaks. 

  • For goodness sakes, please sort this out.  Aren't you embarrassed by the lack of support for swim data?  I'm definitely reconsidering my premium subscription.  Please resolve this issue. 

  • I agree, that this really would be useful.. as i swim a lot, but don't cycle, this would make me pay for premium, as i can then use it with running..

  • I just cancelled my premium subscription.

    There is a little box where you can enter why you cancelled. I guess, if they get hit by enough little boxes with comments regarding HR data for swim workouts they might assign some resources to get things moving. 

    Works perfectly fine in TrainingPeaks btw. 

  • Please add this functionality. 

  • +1

  • +1

  • Well I should have read this before buying a Garmin TRI HR. Bloody annoying. Strava, come on get your act together and support Garmin swim HR.

  • I'm guessing my heart rate data isn't showing on my Strava for work outs and runs because I'm using my HRI Tri? Seriously Strava, what is the reasoning behind not supporting the data?

  • Well my guess is that Strava's official reason is that Garmin's FIT files for swimming with HR data are organised slightly different than the usual FIT files. For instance HR data is appended to the file - albeit with correct time stamps so it can easily be associated with the workout timing. 

    TrainingPeaks solved this - for now - by allowing multiple workout files for a single workout. So the swimming workout is transferred automatically - without HR data - and I simply export and upload the TCX (not FIT) from Garmin Connect to an existing TrainingPeaks workout. TrainingPeaks automatically merges the two and voilá: HR data for swimming activities.

    As mentioned, I cancelled my Strava Premium over this.

  • The Swim heart Rate Zone Analyse does not show in Strava, neither does average tempo, tempo, calories, average HR, HR, Average swolf or training effect, BUT all this shows in Garmin Connect! Why Strava?

  • +1, and I also want swim workouts to be included in Fitness & Freshness scores!

  • Yep - I've now cancelled my Strava Premium because this still isn't a thing. As a Triathlete and Open Water swimmer, this is a fundamental requirement!

  • I wish I had read this before buying all the gear. I thought it a fair assumption that swim HR would add to the suffer score in Strava. It is the main reason I went premium. incredible.

  • +1.

  • Two years since this was brought to your attention. Is this just a 'paid for' Facebook for cyclists? You keep getting the subscriptions but no action Strava!  Very disappointing.

  • I agree that Strava should provide this feature, but to me it's even more incredible that Garmin don't add swim workouts to their equivalent 7-Day Training Load metric, especially when it's a Garmin swim HR monitor I'm using!

  • Sorry to say I don't think I will be renewing my premium account on the back of this. Looks like I'll be joining the others on Training Peaks

  • i stopped my premium subscription because Strava doesn't support swim HR. I will renew it when they will make it work.


  • I've also stopped my premium account due to this. Did the same mistake as some other persons in this thread, bought the HRM Swim before realizing that they dont support it. 

  • Once I moved to TrainingPeaks I never looked back - structuring your week is much better if you can do it ahead of times. If Strava wants to be Facebook let them be Facebook. 

  • It's a must-have. Works fine on a free Endomondo account.

  • Also just cancelled premium to invest in training peaks. I do note however that training peaks also doesn't import HR data from my Garmin, though it does assign swim TSS and thus recognise my efforts ! I'll see how it goes.

  • It is fairly easy to get your HR data into TrainingPeaks for lap swimming workouts (it is there by default for open water swims): 

    if you use Garmin as a tracker export the activity as TCX

    go to calendar view in TrainingPeaks and select the lap swimming activity

    click the Files button and upload the TCX file

    TrainingPeaks will merge the information from the two files and your HR data will be accessible and you may switch between sTSS and hrTSS if you wish. 

  • @ Christian D - thanks. That's good to know.

  • @strava... you really need to get this sorted or you will be losing me too... 


    A number of lost subscribers already would have more than paid for the development resource to roll out this feature.


    Source: I'm a digital project manager and literally deal with this sort of stuff all the time.

  • This seems like a no-brainer, particularly given the official comment's note that they do accept the heart rate data from some devices.  Add me to the chorus of people voting for this feature (and annoyed by its continued absence).

  • echoing a comment above: "+1, and I also want swim workouts to be included in Fitness & Freshness scores!"

  • Yep!

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