Matched Rides, like there is for runs

I would like to see Strava match rides, like it does with Match Runs. I ride the same routes quite often and would like an easy way to compare my times. I am sure there are others who would also like this feature.



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  • I want to see this, but for all activities! There are many features that are specific to ride or run, but if you label something as "nordic ski" or "backcountry ski" they are arbitrarily deprived of features like "Match Runs". WHY?!

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  • I agree Chris. I see no reason why any activity can't be matched. It should be a simple coding addition for each activity type, so I don't think it would be difficult to implement.

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  • Yes please. How do I vote?

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  • I would also like to see matched rides like the matched runs. For running it's great to see the progress. I thought I hadn't selected an option for matched rides, but apparently there is no capability.

    Let's get this done

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  • I'm totally surprised this isn't a thing yet - if we can do it for Matched Runs, surely it should be capable for Matched Rides?

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  • Forced matching is ridiculous. If this idiotic idea is implemented it has to come with the option for users to disable.

    Matching right now matches runs that are not actually identical, and there's nothing you can do about it. It even matches runs that are more than 20% different!!!!!

    No forced match for cycling.

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