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I'm excited that you have added the training log tab. To improve functionality, add a weekly and monthly totals column. Likewise, create a training log that includes all activities-- not just the three triathlon sports.




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  • A really nice feature would be a summary of the week (or month) based on pace / speed in addition to volume. Some weeks, I cut volume to increase pace. Some periods, I increase volume and cut pace somewhat.

  • this functionality has been requested of Strava for over a year with no action by them. I'm looking for a different solution, and encourage you all to do the same.... Strava is unresponsive.

  • I think I came up with a hack today that'll let you promote all "cross training" activities up into the weekly totals on the Training Log. If I can get it working tonight, I was thinking of packaging it up into a Chrome plugin and putting it up. I assume you guys are interested?

  • Yes, please add XT into total calculations. I just walked from Reading to Oxford and am gutted to discover that apparently I haven't done any training for the last couple of days! My legs tell me otherwise...

  • I have read through most of these and I think we all want the same thing...but to be clear.  My thought is on the "My Stats" section, can you add another button for tracking swims.  I know for me, tracking all three sports is important. 

    Thank you.


  • I would really like to see more support for weight training. I know that Strava is mostly about cardio, but I think that it huge following would give it a good start in setting up a similar platform for weight training. Perhaps at least a progress log for increases in weight lifted for various exercises, or what ever. I know there are loads of great resources out there for weight training, but Strava offers an interactive training log that you can share with friends like never before, and would definitely encourage people to stick to their training routines.

  • Please explain why Strava Climbing Challenges exclude elevation gain in all activities EXCEPT bicycling.  This is lame.  Quoting from the current Climbing Challenge description, "There’s solidarity among those who love to climb. On a bike or on foot, we feel at home in the mountains."  That would seem to indicate hiking/mountaineering would be included in the stats.  Not so.

  • It looks like Strava just doesn't want to solve the problem and to hier what their customers whish. The half of my trainings is not calculated in the journal. For that reason I allmost don't use the Strava. I reccomend you  to search for another platform for sharing and following your activities . I use movescount with suunto for that purposes which is  much much better. 

  • I really believe Hiking and other activities should be listed in the training log.  I recently switched from MapMyFitness to Strava and am very disappointed that my hikes only show up as "XT" in my training log so I have no idea how many miles I have hiked in a certain week, month, etc.  Please add this functionality

  • please add XT into total calculations, and add a circle like for runing and Biking

  • its is nice post everyone like it and get many information.

  • Training log needs to have an option to display "other activities" or "all activities". Currently clicking the XT isn't useful and it's kind of silly it doesn't contribute to the weekly time or distance on the left hand side of the training log. Other activities such as nordic skiing also doesn't contribute to total time or distance in groups which is also silly.

    Many cyclists will nordic ski in the winter as cross training and it would be useful to easily see time and distance totals. It would even be useful if the heart rate data/suffer score/points in the red from nordic skiing (or other activities) for that matter could be calculated.

    Integrating this heart rate data in Fitness and Freshness would also help to keep track of fitness throughout the winter time when there is little cycling and more cross training with other activities.

  • I completely agree with Cory.  Like him (and I assume many others), if there's snow on the ground, I'll be Nordic skiing, not biking.  IMHO, it should be easy to bundle everything together or view ALL activities separately.

  • On more.... please Add XT to total calculation please.

    Skating replace a running session at this seasons :) 

  • Any progress on this? Would be great to see all other activities included in time/distance... Not just swimming, biking, running...

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