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Hi,  I have just noticed I have a KOM for a segment by accident.  I failed to turn off my device as I got into my car after a ride.  It gave me the next segment KOM.  I don't want to delete my activity but I don't have any right to the KOM.  I don't want to take it from the rightful owner.  Is there anything I can do?




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  • You can crop your exercise.  Click on the wrench and crop will be one of the options.

  • This link answers you question. Strava has a trim tool

  • Hi,

    You can crop your activity on the strava website. 

    Go on your move activity, clic on the spanner at the bottom of the left pannel and then use the crop feature. 


  • Crop it.  Easy to do if it is at the beginning or end of the ride.  Just cut it out.

  • Bonsoir J'ai eu un kom sur l'activité du 5 mars 2017 alors que j'ai pris la route d'a coté comment supprimer ce nom sans supprimer l'activité

  • Is there any chance you can delete the part  from the activity I did on the 6th August from Brighton station to the finish as this is because I forgot to pause the app whilst travelling on a train , I got a KOM which I did not achieve .

    many thanks 

  • Graham - If you use the web browser version of Strava, you can split the activity into different parts and then delete the portion that was the train ride. Open the activity, click on the three little dots on the left side and select "Split".

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