See todays place on a segment in the segment list

This suggestion is only for the mobile app.

I would like to have today's placement on each segment in the segment list.

I think many like me that are riding or commuting the same segments each day often want to know how we did on the segments compared to the others riding them the same day. I think it is time consuming and a lot of clicking on each segment to go see the standings for that particular day.

In the segment list in the activity details the information shown are:

Segment name, distance, time, and avg speed.

For more information you have to click on that segment.

My suggestion is to add "Todays placement" to the information on the segment list.

In that way you can have a quick glance on your standings on todays segments and if you want to see details you can then click on the segment for more information.

Please see the picture of how I mean.

I really hope this feature hits the IOS app.



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  • Great idea, Daniel but now you'll have to wait 4 or 5 years and it still will only be "future possibility" according to Strava. 

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