Inaccurate Indoor Activity Tracking

I logged a service request, but didn't get any traction...

Why is it Strava can't keep track of pause time and remove it from the activity time for indoor activities? Most every other tracker has a way to know when to auto pause, even indoors, in addition to supporting a manual pause event. Especially in cold months when the vast majority of work is being done indoors, it's unfortunate to have inaccurate information, especially considering that I use Strava for that exact purpose. Data tracking and trending. Even worse is when you upload from any other tracker that supports the pausing of activities, Strava simply ignores it and incorrectly recalculates items like pace, activity time, etc.

Please, for the sake of accuracy, support the pausing of indoor activities of all kinds. Bonus would be adding in an auto pause feature for indoor activities.



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    Seems like there is already a discussion about moving time calculation for indoor training here

  • GPS accuracy indoors is almost always really bad to non-existant. Your tracker will give you a position but it might be off by 5, 10 or 20 meters. Even worse: this position will not be fixed, but it will wander around. This means that even if you do not move, your position in time will be all over the place and if your tracker has no other means of sensing movement, it will assume you are indeed moving all over the place. And it will therefore keep tracking.

    This is very easy to check: just start your tracker and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Then take a close look at your track. 

    Another thing you should try before blaming Strava: download another tracking app and record the same activity indoors.

    And I wonder: if you say other trackers do sense you are not moving while indoors, which trackers are you referring to?



  • I'm not asking for GPS indoors. That's pretty ridiculous to assume that would be the intent of my feature request...Especially when I never mentioned the term "GPS".

    All current activity trackers have accelerometers in them, which is how products like the Apple Watch are entirely capable of tracking an indoor run with relative accuracy and also auto pausing when you stop running (as are Garmin watches). It's how steps are tracked...Pretty basic functionality nowadays. As a matter of fact, it's exactly how Strava calculates your approximate pace and distance indoors.

    My ask is simple. When I pause an activity, it should recognize that just as it does when it auto or manual pauses outdoors. Relying on GPS purely for a pause event is entirely unnecessary and as you clearly outline doesn't work at all for tracking indoors. I'm not even asking for auto pause...I simply want the ability to pause an indoor activity and for that paused time to not count in the overall activity calculations (time, pace, calories, etc.).

    Before blaming the original poster, it'd be good for you to understand the actual intent of what was being requested.

  • Thank you Elle!!!

  • My bad. You didn't mention GPS and I did not to know that Strava apparantly is also used on devices that do not use a GPS signal. 

  • Elle, your link takes us to a feature / error issue from 2016 that hasn't been resolved with no official comment from Strava. So basically it is as useful as this page is. 

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