Automatic Detection of Solo or Group KOM/QOM

I ride both solo and 2up/Group and wondering if Strava could have an automatic separation of Solo Kom/Qom and 2up/Group Kom/Qom

I appreciate there is a similar discussion on this, but as Strava knows the other athletes that have riden a route with you, an automatic separation to me would make sense.

As a training tool Strava is great but as we all know the times gained during a group ride are more often unattainable on a solo ride and with an automatic separation of the Kom's both solo and 2up/Group riders would have the comparison data they require.



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  • Could not agree more.  Honestly, Strava should know better. It's frustrating to look at a leaderboard where 6 of the top 10 rode on the same day 4 years ago or something.  Obviously a group effort.

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  • I'm going to bump this up as my topic on it got deleted by strava, wonder why.....

    I'm sick of this not getting fixed, looking back there are plenty of topics sinse 2012 asking for this!!

    Strava fix kom leader boards, why would I pay for your app when the basic and most simple feature I want isn't even available!

    Another example is a pro race through local area, normal leader board gets completely ruined by a pro race and then makes it impossible for locals to ever get near top, there are segments that have had to be remade by locals just because the previous segment of exact same road was ruined by a pro race
    Fix it strava this been too long!

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