Mapbox maps not updated from OpenStreetMap recently?

I've noticed that around here (east London, UK), the background maps using tiles from Mapbox have not been updated to incorporate changes from the underlying data. This is likely to become more of a problem due to the amount of ongoing redevelopment of the area around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as the Strava maps become increasingly outdated and inaccurate.

e.g. London Marathon Community track, enclosed by OSM way (last edit affecting geometry in changeset ) over 7 months ago is still not visible in the background maps used by Strava. There Strava heatmap data shows the presence of a running track fairly unequivocally



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  • agree - the underlying map data does seem to pretty outdated in areas and/or has issues.  Many times things like path/road intersections, start of trails, etc are not connected so they are impossible to route to when using route maker.


  • I've updated pathways and roads (in July) in OpenStreetMap and it took a while (few weeks) but eventually these edits appeared in Mapbox, and a while later I'm seeing the edits in the Strava global heatmaps, but still not updated in the route builder and activity views in Strava... 

    I periodically click on the "Improve this map" link on the Strava Mapbox map and request that the area be refreshed because OSM and Mapbox have been updated... but nothing yet.

    Can't find any definitive information about the timetable or process for map update propagation... Not sure if there's a manual step required somewhere.

    It's not critical, but it would motivate me to update more maps if I knew when the updates would reach Strava...

  • Same thing here. Maps are not updated with fresh OpenStreetMap data for ages. I made some corrections near Bern, Switzerland, which have not made it into the Strava map display and route planner for well over a year. It would be great to have regular upgrades of the map content eg. every 3 months.

  • I agree with you all - this is becoming a really irritating issue and Strava Support are staying frustratingly quiet on it! It needs to be sorted out ASAP.

  • I recently contacted Mapbox support on this issue and they have told me that the problem lies with Strava - they are using an outdated Mapbox tileset and are being painfully slow at updating to more up-to-date mapping, such as

    There doesn't seem to be any easy way to get Strava to take action on this, but I will be submitting yet another support ticket to them in order to get them to do something about this annoying issue.

  • There's nothing to stop Strava using current data from Mapbox. Veloviewer seem to manage to generate their own tiles, complete with OSM updates I made a couple of days ago, so there's no reason Strava couldn't. With any luck someone will develop a Chrome addon which would let you switch the tile source within the browser in order to see a current map.

  • Outdated maps: this is why I will not renew my Premium account in January....

    And I will not miss any feature beacause everything I need is available on "Elevate App" for  FREE (module for Google Chrome) !

  • I have already cancelled my Summit (premium) subscription after the unsatisfactory response I got from Strava Support; basically they think that the Mapbox tilesets are supposed to be updated "on a quarterly to annual basis" (they're clearly not) but they are hoping to increase the updates to monthly, although they couldn't give me a timeline or schedule of when they hope to make that change. They totally avoided giving me any more detailed information so I cancelled by Summit membership until this issue is fixed. It's beyond ridiculous.

  • agreed with everything, I have made many improvements to OSM in my area in the past months, but it feels pointless if it never appears on Strava. There are very few trailrunning tracks on the Strava map in Hungary and it's really hard to use the Route Builder without them. 

  • Done: my Summit account will stop  on January 13th. And will be reactivated as soon as updated maps will show up.

  • Nice one, Johnny!

  • Its been about a year and a half since Strava updated their map.  I got the same BS line about the map being updated quarterly 6 months ago.

  • To avoid the not updated mapbox maps by Strava, the best thing you can do is to use the Chrome plugin "Strava map switcher" and you will be able to change easily the OSM maps displayed directly in Strava :) And the maps will have the last update from OSM !

  • Thanks Charles, that’s a handy tip!

  • Still no updates in my areas... but I notice that Stava Labs (Global Heatmap) is using the updated Mapbox maps and showing the updates that I've made in OSM. 

    So OSM updated

    Mapbox Updated

    Strava Labs Updated

    Strava main map - NOT FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS

    Is there much or any development and maintenance going on on the main Strava system - I see lots of Android App beta updates coming through - but less evidence in the web version. Is the focus more on the monetisation of the data that's being collected rather than on the gathering mechanism?

  • It is frustrating that here in Japan, a national cycle route used by tens to hundreds of cyclists everyday cannot be created easily on Strava routes because the underlying road is missing on the map data that Strava is using. And when you check the same map on OSM, it has all the correct paths. Checking on Strava Labs also showed the correct paths. But back to the maps on Strava Route builder, all the necessary paths are missing.

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