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Can anyone help me. I am running the Strava app on a iPhone 6. I cannot get notifications from friends when they have completed an activity. In my settings all notifications are toggled on. I have tried logging out and back in. I have also deleted the app and re installed it, however the issue still remains.

Has anybody got a solution to this ??.

Many thanks



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  • Best I can tell this feature does not exist. I don't know why, because it certainly should. Map My Ride does it. Sometimes I think the big apps collude to not provide the same features so they can share market share. Map My Ride has audio notifications while riding and notifications when friends complete an activity. Ride with GPS has MUCH better route planning and audio navigation cues. If Strava had all these things, I wouldn't need Map My Ride or Ride with GPS!

  • Well there is defitely a setting but it says to notify when a friend posts an interesting activity.  But it’s the same here in that I don’t always get them.  I do sometime though.   I’m not clear what designates a friend. I have people I follow and people that follow me but I’m not sure it’s the same thing as a friend.  I’m also not clear what an interesting activity is.  Several of us do a Tacx activities that are linked to strava.  I’d like to know when they get posted.    This does not happen.   I do get notified when they give me Koodo but not when they complete activities.  

  • I have the same problem - zero push notifications received when friends finish activities despite all are toggled on in settings.  Only difference is I'm on an Android (Galaxy S8).  I would LOVE a solution to this because everyone is so supportive of my runs, but I rarely give kudos to others because I'm simply oblivious.  I've never received notifications of other people's activities, and I've never messed with my Strava notification settings (only confirmed that they're all toggled ON when I realized that I should be getting notifications).  

    On a side note, I DO get notifications when people leave ME kudos.  So I'm getting some kinds of notifications, just not all.  The problem therefore isn't that I turned off Strava notifications within my phone's settings.

  • Same here.  Same reasoning and same situation.  I get notifications when friends leave me koodos but not when they complete activities.  It would be nice to have this option.

  • I'm just a little curious as to why people seem to want to get notifications whenever other people finish their activities? Just seems a little nosy to me, but maybe there are logical reasons why I would want to know when a friend on the other side of town finished a ride every day..???

  • Jason - For me personally, it's because my niece and I are training for a big race together (clarification: we're training in separate states, but we'll be running the race itself together).  So I want to encourage her during her weekly runs, and that would be easier with the notifications.  Honestly wish we could follow/unfollow individual people so that we could choose whose notifications we receive.  But that'd be too logical.  :-D

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