Apple Watch Heart Rate, and Wahoo Cadence

Hey all,

So until today I recorded all my rides using the Strava apple watch app so that I got heart rate info, but now I've bought a Wahoo Cadence sensor too.

I can't connect the sensor to the watch so I need to use the main iPhone app instead, but this means I don't get heart rate information.

Can the Strava iPhone app not just pull the heart rate information in from Health Kit? That's why it's doing anyway when recording using the watch app, so why not do also for the main app?






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  • Completely agree.

  • I consider to buy a cadence and heart rate (e.g. via watch) sensor. I am using my iPhone with Strava app while racing. Can someone recommend the best sensors to have live figures in the Strava app (and of course easy upload analysis afterwards)? Appreciate it.

  • Agreed. 

    MapMyRide automatically synchronize the watchOS app when we start tracking on the mobile app, the heart rate (monitored by the Apple watch) and the cadence sensor (monitored by the mobile phone) can be recorded.


  • There are so many threads in this and yet Strava ignores them all. There is simply no reason that a ride recorded on the phone cannot include HR data recorded on the watch. A bunch of other apps do it. it’s not just possible - it’s a basic and expected functionality.

  • Oh wow.  Was just looking for advice about how to setup the watch and a cadence sensor and now I am wondering what on earth to do.  It never occurred to me they would not work together

  • This appears to still be a problem.  

  • (*I thought of a better way at the bottom)

    So I have a perfect workaround for this that I've been using. This might seem like alot of hassle but it actually only takes two minutes once you're familiar. You'll need the HealthFit app from the app store.

    1) Start a ride on Strava, connect up the sensors here.

    2) Start a regular outdoor cycle on Apple Watch's native activity app.

    3) Go for your ride.

    4) Finish ride and let Strava upload as usual, and end the watch activity as usual.

    5) Using Stravas website: Go to your workout, export the GPX file using the options dots on the left.

    6) Using the HealthFit app: Select the workout, tap the option dots, share as GPX file and email to yourself.

    7) and upload both files. Continue to next page using the button at the top.

    8) Combine GPS, Cadence, Speed from Strava file, and only heart rate from watch file.

    9) Process the time and let it upload to Strava. Done!


    Optional 10) On Stravas website deleted the original cycle, then on the new combined upload go to options and select 'Refresh Activity Achievements'. This makes sure you keep all your achievements, best times etc.


    * Use Strava app on both phone and Watch, this will create two activities for the same workout. Then on the Strava website export the GPX file for both activities and merge those using gotoes. Faster rather than all that Healthfit and e-mail stuff.

  • ...what?
    I am a fan of for many reasons, but if you consider doing the above for every single ride to be a “perfect” solution then you either don’t ride very often or you are Strava’s ideal customer (i.e. one who who is willing to pay despite having to do the work themselves)... I can’t imagine doing that every morning. If for no other reason then I would have to open up my laptop instead of just looking at the data on my phone.

  • Hi,

    As I said, it's a workaround - not a solution. It does the job for me and may be useful to others here who cycle a couple of times a week.

    Sharing information like this is the purpose of these communities. If this is not a suitable workaround for you then take it up with Strava, not other users.

  • I am taking it up with Strava, in that comment and my other one above... this forum is a Strava support page, I hadn’t really thought of it as a user community... to my knowledge this is the only means Strava provides for taking up issues with them, and any comment which send to them the message “we have a workaround, no need to prioritize this issue” is antithetical to the page’s purpose and directly counter to my own purpose for being here. :/

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