Are these maximum speeds accurate? (Inline Skating activity)

I've just started uploading inline skating activities to Strava. The maximum speeds seem improbable - 34mph in this case:

I'm a compenent skater with some big wheeled ("3WD") urban skates but not a competitive speedskater. the 18-20mph maximum speeds I'm seeing on the main part of the activity seem credible but I'm not so sure about the ones >30mph, all of which seem to occur in a particular segment of the activity (and are associated with some slightly weird mapping artefacts).

Is there something going on with the GPS here, and if so is Strava not dealing with it properly?

There are NO other people uploading inline skating activities where I live (I can be KOm on every segments I create, ha ha), so I can't look at other people's for comparison..



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  • Bad GPS data is causing you to teleport around 1 mile.

  • Do you mean beteeen miles 1 and 2 in particular? Maybe not quite teleporting but it would make sense if the GPS signal was intermittent between those points..

    That stretch of path has quite steep banks (old railway line in cutting).

  • Open the activity you linked in a desktop browser and use your mouse to hover over the portion of your activity right at 1 mile. You teleport between multiple locations. It is very obvious from the map where this occurs.

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