Any appetite for adding Scuba Diving activities?

Given the broad spectrum of sports already supported by Strava, I would love for it to include scuba diving! As any diver will tell you, tracking stats etc is vital for continued performance and progression. Not only that, but diving by its very nature is a sociable sport (if you dive on your own, then you are mad).

There are many apps already out there for this purpose, but they don't emphasise social networking - they are more or less limited to simply logging your own performance. 

To me, Strava would be ideal for this; allows you to track your own stats, view performance and progression through analytics, and share this with friends and beyond.

Just a thought...



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  • I would also like to see Scuba Activities added, but feel this may be opening Pandora's box. Garmin Connect tries to be everything to everybody, and as a result, it handles some activities well, most just adequately, and some poorly. My concern with adding Scuba to Strava is more about people trying to turn Strava into an online Dive Log, and the constant stream of requests that would ensue. 

    - Import of dive activities from other programs

    - Export of dive activities

    - Display of dive activities are a lot different than what Strava does for currently supported activities

    - Scuba activities include other data that way outside of what Strava currently supports, weights, tank size, exposure suit, etc.

    Now if you want to add Scuba just for the Social Networking, by all means go for it. But be careful as this might be headed down a slippery slope you are not prepared for. 

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