Connecting Shanren Beat 20 chest HRM to Strava

 Just purchased BEAT 20 chest HRM from Amazon, which claimed syncing to Strava was possible.
However, I can't seem to be able to connect it to Strava, and the user manual provides no instructions. I also searched online but with no luck.
Anyone had a similar issue? how did you solve it?
Many thanks.


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  • Same issue with me.  Just purchased Shanren BEAT 10 from Amazon.  The user manual says it's compatible with Strava, but there is no instructions as to how to pair.  Your post is the only hit my search of "shanren" on Strava site brings up.

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  • Omar, from your Shanren Sport app, start at Profile, then choose 'advance settings'  - there you will see "Strava Authorization" where you can authorize Strava to download your data from Sharen Sport

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